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@ echo off
:: ========================================================================
:: Copyright (c) 2006-2010 Intalio Inc
:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
:: All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
:: are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
:: and Apache License v2.0 which accompanies this distribution.
:: The Eclipse Public License is available at
:: The Apache License v2.0 is available at
:: You may elect to redistribute this code under either of these licenses.
:: ========================================================================
:: Author hmalphettes
:: This scripts generates a command-line to launch equinox.
:: It uses the arguments defined in the *.ini file
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
:: Locate the folder of the bat file.
:: Use the short path so we don't have issues with spaces.
set ECLIPSEHOME=%~sdp0
:: find the eclipse.ini file:
for /F "tokens=* delims=" %%A in ('dir /b %ECLIPSEHOME%\*.ini') do set ECLIPSE_INI=%ECLIPSEHOME%\%%A
:: the bat does not assume that we are in the installation folder
:: but the jetty code does because jetty.home=. in the config.ini
goto :assemble
set argname=-%1
set argfound=false
set "argvalue="
::echo arg: %argname%
for /f "eol= tokens=* delims= usebackq" %%i in (%ECLIPSE_INI%) do (
if "!argfound!" == "true" (
set argvalue=%%i
goto :findargvalue_checkNotFlag
) else (
if %argname%==%%i set argfound=true
goto :eof
::some arguments are either flags or parameters( -console).
::if the next line starts with a '-' then consider that a flag
set first=%argvalue:~0,1%
if %first%==- set "argvalue="
goto :eof
set argname=-vmargs
set argfound=false
set "argvalue="
for /f "eol= tokens=* delims= usebackq" %%i in (%ECLIPSE_INI%) do (
if "!argfound!" == "true" (
set "argvalue=!argvalue! %%i"
) else (
if %argname%==%%i set argfound=true
goto :eof
:: console
call :findargvalue console
set "console="
if not "%argvalue%"=="" (
set "console= -console %argvalue%"
) else (
if %argfound%==true set "console= -console"
echo the console arG %console%
:: startup:
call :findargvalue startup
set argvalue=%argValue:/=\%
set startup=%ECLIPSEHOME%%argvalue%
set install=%ECLIPSEHOME%
:: application
call :findargvalue application
set "application="
if not "%argvalue%"=="" (
set "application= -application %argvalue%"
:: logback config:
set "logback=-Dlogback.configurationFile^=%ECLIPSEHOME%etc\logback.xml"
call :findargvalue -launcher.XXMaxPermSize
set "XXMaxPermSize="
if not "%argvalue%"=="" (
set XXMaxPermSize=" -XX:MaxPermSize^=%argvalue%"
call :findjavaopts
set "vmargs=%argvalue% "
::JAVA_HOME if defined:
set java=java
if not "%JAVA_HOME%"=="" set java="%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java"
:: print the cmd:
REM Creating a Newline variable (the two blank lines are required!)
set NLM=^
set NL=^^^%NLM%%NLM%^%NLM%%NLM%
:: start Eclipse w/ java
set command=%java% -jar %startup% %vmargs% %logback% -install %install%%application%%console%%XXMaxPermSize% %*
echo %NL%Launching Equinox with: %command%%NL%