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LIFX SDT Basedriver

The LIFX SDT basedriver reifies as SDT Device OSGi every LIFX devices. Both cloud and lan mode are possibles.

SDT Device & Modules OSGi services

Each LIFX light is proxyfied through

  • a org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.devices.Light SDT Device OSGi service.
  • a org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.modules.BinarySwitch SDT Module OSGi service.
  • a org.eclipse.om2m.sdt.home.modules.Colour SDT Module OSGi service

Cloud mode

Use the LIFX cloud to get access to the LIFX lights. Your LIFX lights need to accessible through the LIFX Cloud.

Please add the following properties in file to enable cloud mode :

mode cloud
cloud.token **tokenRetrievedThroughLIFXCloud**

Lan mode

Lan mode is used to get access to your LIFX light located in your LAN.

Please add the following properties in file to enable lan mode :

mode lan

network.interface property specifies which network interface the LIFX SDT basedriver should use to get access to the lights.