commons: fix issues related to xml annotations.

Several issues are fixed:
 - Remove name member variables from all classes extending
   org.eclipse.om2m.commons.obix.Obj class. A member variable
   called name is defined in Obj class.
 - Make mandatory the representation tag into
   org.eclipse.om2m.commons.resource.Notify class
 - Remove objGroup member variable from
   org.eclipse.om2m.commons.obix.List class. objGroup member
   variable is defined in Obj class
 - Remove href member variable from Ref class. href member
   variable is defined in Obj class

Signed-off-by: BONNARDEL Gregory <>
16 files changed
tree: 069e2e2ddd47de81a61534b26d73921538149944
  1. org.eclipse.om2m.comm.coap/
  2. org.eclipse.om2m.comm.http/
  3. org.eclipse.om2m.comm.service/
  4. org.eclipse.om2m.commons/
  5. org.eclipse.om2m.core/
  6. org.eclipse.om2m.core.service/
  7. org.eclipse.om2m.feature/
  8. org.eclipse.om2m.ipu.sample/
  9. org.eclipse.om2m.ipu.service/
  12. org.eclipse.om2m.webapp.resourcesbrowser/
  13. .project
  15. epl-v10.html
  16. pom.xml

About OM2M

OM2M is an open source OSGi-based implementation of the ETSI M2M standard .


  • JAVA 1.7 tu run OM2M.
  • Apaceh Maven 3 to build OM2M.

Building OM2M from sources using maven:

  • Go to the parent project directory “org.eclipse.om2m”
  • Build the OM2M project using the following command:

mvn clean install

  • The NSCL product is generated on the this directory: “om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/”
  • The GSCL product is generated on the this directory: “om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/”

Configure and Start the NSCL:

  • Go to the NSCL product directory.
  • You can edit the file “configuration/config.ini” to configure the NSCL
  • You can start the NSCL using the following command:

java -jar -ea -Declipse.ignoreApp=true -Dosgi.clean=true -Ddebug=true plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.0.v20140415-2008.jar -console -noExit

Configure and Start the GSCL:

  • Go to the NSCL product directory.
  • The GSCL can be configured and started with the same steps used for the NSCL.
  • Open your browser, then enter the address “” to access the GSCL web interface.

For more details, see