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 _Mail settings (Default templates)_
+* *isUseHtmlEmailBtnTemplate*: If true a button instead of a plain link is shown in emails with a direct link to the gridfailureinformation. Keep in mind *isHtmlEmail* and *isUseHtmlEmailTemplate* has to be set to true aswell in <<configuration-mailExport>>
 * *emailSubjectPublishInit*: Template for the subject of the publishing e-mail
 * *emailContentPublishInit*: Template for the body of the publishing e-mail
 * *emailSubjectUpdateInit*: Template for the subject of the update e-mail
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 * *email.sender* Email adress of your sender for the automatically sent emails.
 * *email.smtpHost* SMTP-Host of your email provider
 * *email.port* Port of your email provider
+* *email.isHtmlEmail* If true emails are sent as Html-Emails meaning you can use html in your templates
+* *email.isUseHtmlEmailTemplate* If true a responsive Openkonsequenz template is beeing used as content frame for all emails.
+.Openkonsequenz email template
 ==== Configuration of interfaces in general
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