Bug 549799 - [C++ CodeGen] Enter in nested states from an upper region causes compilation error

- In method createRegionMethod
  - Correct calculation of "incomings" list: check container of source of incoming transition
    (and not container of the transition itself), otherwise it depends on the transition
    container, whether an element is added to the endVertices list
  - Remove calculation of state2TransSubVertices. It seems unnecessary complex, causes
    duplicate "case" statements it's not clear for me why it is required: the code already
    calculates the states directly reacheable from other regions via the variable "endVertices".
    This might need to be reverted, if we find an example that actually requires the code.
  - Rename local variable "endVertexs" to endVertices"

- Fix issues related to enum scoping (not directly related with this bug, but required
  to fix compilation issues)

Change-Id: Ia1a46004b5a63f5a3f1788f60b907d694b3c2e1b
Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <ansgar.radermacher@cea.fr>
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