Papyrus model execution framework incubation tools

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  1. 75d9fbc [Releng] Separate build of each tool by Pauline DEVILLE · 10 months ago master
  2. 3dcb761 Merge "Bug 574866 - [Moka][Data Visualization] Fix isDataSource PropertyTester" by Pauline Deville · 10 months ago
  3. f3fb804 Bug 574866 - [Moka][Data Visualization] Fix isDataSource PropertyTester by Sebastien Revol · 10 months ago
  4. ab16339 Bug 574864 - [Moka][External Controller]Fix external controller by Sebastien Revol · 10 months ago
  5. e629a9a [ExternalControl] Add external control plugin by Pauline DEVILLE · 12 months ago

To build annotations

mvn clean verify -P simex,annotations

To build externalcontrol

mvn clean verify -P externalcontrol

To build fmi

mvn clean verify -P fmi

To build instancespecification

mvn clean verify -P instancespecification

To build parametric

mvn clean verify -P parametric

To build scripting

mvn clean verify -P scripting

To build simex

mvn clean verify -P simex

To build suml

mvn clean verify -P suml

To build suml

mvn clean verify -P visualization