Modeling environment with Papyrus

Components project is a set of shared scripts and configuration for all official components of Papyrus, an integrated and user-consumable environment for editing any kind of EMF model and particularly supporting UML2 and related modeling languages.

SysML profile


Papyrus SysML 1.4 component is a Papyrus DSML implementing the SysML 1.4 OMG standard.

RobotML profile


Papyrus RobotML component is a Papyrus DSML for modeling environment for robotic applications with Papyrus.



Papyrus Designer component is a Papyrus environment dedicated for component-based modeling and code generation.

Components Papyrus

This site is mainly dedicated for developers, you can find information relative to the creation and integration of Components into Papyrus. Have a look at the online documentation for developer or user.

Official Papyrus components