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Papyrus Components


A Papyrus maven plugin to hold shared configuration for all Papyrus components

Project Local Usage

Components in this project are built using Maven and its Tycho plugin for the build of Eclipse artifacts. To build locally, simply execute the command line:

mvn clean install

How to use

Parent pom reference

If you develop a component of Papyrus, please add the following parent pom section. By doing so, you will benefit of all shared configuration.


Basic Maven commands

Now to build locally your own component, simply execute the command line:

mvn clean install

To also build the modules relative to RCP and Product, please activate the following profile:

mvn clean install -Pproduct

If you are building inside a specific Eclipse version (plugins), you will need to specify:

mvn clean install -Pproduct -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore

To generate the site (documentation, javadoc, pdf), please activate the profile documentation and the one specific for pdf generation. Several images are exported directly from Rcptt tests, so if you want to integrate them in the web site or pdf, please run first the “mvn clean install -Pproduct”

mvn site -Pdocumentation,documentation-pdf

It is possible that you encounter some difficulties if you are working with several version of Papyrus in your Maven and Eclipse workspace. So you can force tycho to download the right version by using:

mvn clean install -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore 	

By default all components are build against the latest release of Eclipse.

If you want to pack and sign the project on the Eclipse server, you have to use the following profiles: