The RcpTT modules to test Papyrus


License License


  • Versions 0.1.x are tested against papyrus-mars
  • Versions 0.2.x are tested against papyrus-neon

Repository structure

This repository is organized around logical software components :

  • : RcpTT common library
  • : RcpTT tests on Sequence Diagram
  • : RcpTT tests on UseCase Diagram
  • : RcpTT tests on Class Diagram
  • : RcpTT tests on StateMachine Diagram

Repository structure for tests on Diagram

The tests on diagrams should follow this organization :

  • contexts : ECL contexts
  • documentation : SysML Papyrus model containing the requirements
  • models : Papyrus models used to initialized the tests
  • testcases : RcpTT tests

How to build

This project is built using Maven. To build locally, simply execute the command line:

mvn clean install