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The Papyrus Library to easily handle Rcptt


License License

Repository structure

This repository is organized around logical software components:

  • src\main\context\*.ctx : Rcptt contexts (including ecl sripts).
  • src\main\testcase\*.test : Rcptt tests.
  • src\main\testsuite\*.suite : Rcptt suites.
  • src\main\verification\*.verification : Rcptt verifications.
  • about.html: EPL license.
  • .project: Eclipse configuration file (required in reusing a Rcptt library).

How to build

This project is built using Maven. To build locally, simply execute the command line:

mvn clean install

How to release

mvn release:perform

How to use

This artifact is deployed in the Eclipse Nexus instance.

  • Add the repository
				Repository - Releases
  • Add the dependency