Project Description

A Maven/Tycho project to add some validation rules for OSGI development. Most of the rules are pretty simple and are used to maintain coherence in a multi-plugin project.

How to build

This project is built using Maven. To build locally, simply execute the command line:

mvn clean install

How to use

Configuration to add in the pom.xml of your project:


Rule 1 : org.eclipse.papyrus.tycho.enforcer.rules.CheckManifestParameter

Check that a specific field in the is equals to a predefined value Example : Check that Bundle-Localization is using the correct property file plugin

<myCustomRule implementation="org.eclipse.papyrus.tycho.enforcer.rules.CheckManifestParameter">

Rule 2 : org.eclipse.papyrus.tycho.enforcer.rules.RequireBundleVersion

Check that all required bundle have bundle-version set.

<myCustomRule implementation="org.eclipse.papyrus.tycho.enforcer.rules.RequireBundleVersion">

Rule 3 : org.eclipse.papyrus.tycho.enforcer.rules.RequireBundleOrder

Check that required bundle are following a specific order. Parameter :

  • order : the expected order by namespace, all non listed namespace will be at the end
  • inverse : inverse the order, useful to pill up unreferenced namespace at the top

Example : Check that plugins starting by org.eclipse.ui are imported before plugins starting by org.eclipse.core

<myCustomRule implementation="org.eclipse.papyrus.tycho.enforcer.rules.RequireBundleOrder">