Eclipse PDE (Merged in eclipse.pde.ui.git post 4.6M5)

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  1. ad69cda Bug 475932 Merged eclipse.pde into eclipse.pde.ui repository by Lars Vogel · 8 years ago master R4_6 Y20160310-0800 Y20160310-0830 Y20160317-0800 Y20160324-1000 Y20160331-1000 Y20160407-1000 Y20160414-1000 Y20160421-1000 Y20160428-1000 Y20160428-1430 Y20160505-1000 Y20160513-1000 Y20160519-1000 Y20160526-1000
  2. f6674ff Bug 488051 - Integrate new PDE plug-in into our SDK build by Lars Vogel · 8 years ago I20160223-0800 I20160301-0800 I20160301-1230 Y20160303-0800
  3. b8aa386 Bug 486479 - pde feature needs to be 'touched' by Lars Vogel · 8 years ago I20160125-2000 I20160126-0800 I20160126-2000 I20160127-0800 I20160127-2000 I20160128-2000 I20160202-0800 I20160202-1000 I20160209-0800 I20160216-0800 I20160216-1400
  4. fbe90fc Fixed bug 481792: PDE feature does not require JDT feature by Dani Megert · 9 years ago I20151117-0800 I20151124-0800 I20151124-1000 I20151201-0800 I20151201-1100 I20151203-0800 I20151203-1230 I20151206-2000 I20151207-0800 I20151207-2000 I20151208-0800 I20151208-2000 I20151209-0800 I20151209-2000 I20151209-2300 I20151213-2000 I20151215-0800 I20151222-0800 I20151229-0800 I20160105-0800 I20160105-1000 I20160112-0800 I20160112-1800 I20160119-0800 I20160124-2000 I20160125-0400 I20160125-0800
  5. bad1914 Bug 479767 - Remove empty org.eclipse.pde project from /pde/eclipse.pde by Lars Vogel · 9 years ago I20151020-0800 I20151025-2000 I20151026-0800 I20151026-2000 I20151027-0800 I20151027-2000 I20151028-0800 I20151028-2000 I20151029-1100 I20151103-0800 I20151110-0800

The content of this repo and the history of the master branch has been integrated into the eclipse.pde.ui repository.

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