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Before updating to Java 7 and using the new test API, raise the
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CKEditor for RAP 2.1

This is a custom widget for the Remote Application Platform (RAP) that wraps the CKEditor, a web-based WYSIWYG/Rich-Text editor. This version is based on the remote API that has been added in RAP 2.0. If you wish to run it with RAP 1.5, check out the “streams/1.5” branch.


Currently, the API consists of the two methods getText and setText. The text can be any valid HTML, but should be limited to the subset the editor can handle.


The editor can be customized by editing the files in the src/resources folder of the org.eclipse.rap.addons.ckeditor bundle. You might need to clear the browsers cache and restart the server for all changes to take effect.

Editor Configuration

Editing the file config.js lets you change the toolbar, language, and formatting options (fonts, colors). Be careful, all changes here bear the risk of breaking the editor.

Editor Theming

To change the icons, edit or replace icons.png. To change the editors colors, borders, spacings, etc, edit editor.css. You can use a tool like Firebug to examine which CSS classes are used where in the editor.

Advanced Customization

For various reasions some plugins have been removed from ckeditor.js and disabled in config.js, therefore not all options of the full CKEdtior are working. If you wish, you can compile your own ckeditor.js. Get more info here: http://docs.cksource.com/CKEditor_3.x/Developers_Guide/CKPackager The ckeditor.pack used for this project can be found in the bundles docs folder.

Bundle overview


The Widget itself (org.eclipse.rap.addons.ckeditor.CKEditor) and the required resources.


A demo application for the widget. Contains a launch configuration.


A page addition to the RAP Examples Demo.


JUnit an Jasmine Tests.


=== License ===

All classes are published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0