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This directory contains sub-directories containing standard patch files,
named patches-Linux.txt and patches-Windows.txt, that can be used to update
the SimpliciTI stack so that it can be built using the TI MSP430 compiler.
Each sub-directory corresponds to a specified version of SimpliciTI. For
example, to "fix" version 1.0.6 of SimpliciTI:
o get and extract SimpliciTI-1.0.6 to SimpliciTI-1.0.6
o type the following:
cd SimpliciTI-1.0.6
patch -p1 -i .../SimpliciTI-1.0.6/patches-$HOSTOS.txt
where $HOSTOS is Linux if you are building on a unix host or Windows if
you are building on a Windows based host; unfortunately, the patch file
format is not portable (ack!).
Note: Early version of MKS patch are known to not work with the patches
provided here. You should use GNU patch 2.5.4 or later. For Windows hosts
you can obtain a pre-built patch utilty from