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  1. 2adbcf8 Added deprecation notice by Nitin Dahyabhai · 6 years ago master
  2. 0cde4f7 [443836] Source Editing Components that require version increase by Nick Sandonato · 9 years ago R3_6_1 R3_6_3 R3_7_0 R3_9_0
  3. 4cd317c [435970] [CBI] Set Eclipse-SourceReferences for xsl by Thanh Ha · 10 years ago
  4. 3d9fa26 [433923] Update the Source Editing license features to 1.0.1 for Luna by Nick Sandonato · 10 years ago R3_6_0 v201405062214
  5. 205ed9e Bug 419270: Pom version updates xsl by Thanh Ha · 10 years ago

This repository is deprecated. Further changes should not be made here.

This repository's contents have been moved into the main webtools.sourceediting repository under the xsl/tests/ path. Its clone URL can be found on . This is not, itself, a cloneable URL.