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Declared Project Licenses

This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2.0 which is available at, or the Apache License, Version 2.0 which is available at

SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0 OR Apache-2.0

Different Licenses

Particular contents are licensed under different terms than the declared project licenses; see the about file of each plug-in.

Source Code

The project maintains the following source code repositories:

Third-party Content

This project leverages the following third party content:

Java Servlet API 3.1

  • License: CDDL, Apache-2.0

Java Servlet API 4.0

  • License: CDDL-1.1 AND Apache-2.0

ICU4J 67.1

  • Project:
  • License: ICU AND Unicode-TOU AND BSD-3-Clause AND BSD-2-Clause AND LicenseRef-ipadic-license AND LicenseRef-Public-Domain

Apache Commons Logging 1.2

Apache Commons DBCP 2.8

Apache Commons Pool 2.9

Apache Derby 10.11

Apache Lucene Core 7.5

Apache Lucene Analyzers Common 7.5

Apache Lucene Queries 7.5

Apache Lucene QueryParsers 7.5

Apache Lucene Highlighter 7.5

Apache Lucene Join 7.5

Google Guava 21.0

SnakeYAML 1.23

SnakeYAML 1.26

JSch 0.1.55

Spring Core 5.2

Spring Web 5.2

Spring AOP 5.2

Spring Beans 5.2

Spring Context 5.2

Spring Expression Language 5.2

Spring Commons Logging Bridge (jcl) 5.2

Spring Boot 2.3

Spring Boot AutoConfigure 2.3


JUL to SLF4J Bridge 1.7

Logback Core 1.2

Logback Classic 1.2

Java Unified Expression Language API (3.0.0)

  • License: CDDL, Apache-2.0

JSP Standard Tag Library (javax.servlet.jsp.jstl) Implementation (1.2)

  • License: CDDL, Apache-2.0


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