Serial test port

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  2. f7e17e8 Added external function to change parameters (SerialPortTypes.set_port_parameter(name,value,port)) by Kubisch Daniel · 4 years, 8 months ago
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Main project page:

The source code of the TTCN-3 compiler and executor:


  • clone this repo to your computer in a folder (home_folder from now on)

  • Create a “bin” directory and cd into it

$ mkdir bin
$ cd ./bin
  • Create symlinks to all files in src and demo directory here
$ ln -s ../src/* .
$ ln -s ../demo/* .
  • Create the makefile
$ makefilegen -e "SerialPortTests" ./*
  • Compile the project
$ make
  • Adjust serial port properties in SerialPort.cfg

  • Run the tests

$ ttcn3_start SerialPortTests SerialPort.cfg