Advertise the correct number of events in the new memory analysis trace

Not particularly happy that we track values that we can't test

Either these values should be moved to the Trace Compass tests, or
we determine some way of verifying them in the test-traces tree
directly. We'll see.

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Montplaisir <>
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Trace Compass Test Traces

This tree contains a set of CTF test traces, primarily for use in Trace Compass.

To build the package and install it in your local Maven repo, simply isssue

mvn clean install

You can also use the deploy target to populate both a standard Maven repo and a p2 update site. The -Dmaven-deploy-destination and -Dp2-deploy-destination properties can be used to specify their respective deploy locations. For example:

mvn clean deploy -Dmaven-deploy-destination=file:///var/www/traces/maven -Dp2-deploy-destination=/var/www/traces/repository

(Note that the first property needs a file:/// scheme, but the second does not.)

You can then point depending projects to these locations.

Adding a new CTF test trace

The modules follow the Maven standard directory layout.

To add a new CTF test trace, add it to the ctf/src/main/resources directory. Make sure it is not archived or anything, as this will be exposed as-is to the users.

Then update the ctf/src/main/java/.../ file accordingly to include the new trace.

Finally, bump the project's minor version (1.1 -> 1.2) in the main pom.xml and related <parent> blocks.