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<toc label="UML2 Developer Guide">
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<topic label="Reference">
<link toc="topics_Reference.xml"/>
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<topic label="Extension Points Reference">
<topic label="org.eclipse.uml2.uml.generated_package" href="references/extension-points/org_eclipse_uml2_uml_generated_package.html" />
<topic label="org.eclipse.uml2.uml.dynamic_package" href="references/extension-points/org_eclipse_uml2_uml_dynamic_package.html" />
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<topic label="Getting Started">
<topic label="Getting Started With UML2" href="" />
<topic label="Introduction to UML2 Profiles" href="" />
<topic label="Tutorials">
<topic label="Creating DSLs using UML2" href="" />
<topic label="Articles">
<topic label="Defining Generics with UML Templates" href="" />
<topic label="Presentations">
<topic label="New Features of UML2" href="" />
<topic label="Online Docs">
<topic label="UML2 2.1 Migration Guide" href="" />
<topic label="Release Notes">
<topic label="What&apos;s New in v2.2" href=";version=2.2.x" />
<topic label="Previous Releases" href=";version=2.1.x" />
<topic label="UML2 FAQ" href="" />