Bug 572026 - Support Jetty 9 and 10

Make USS-SDK work with Jetty 9 and 10.  Note that Jetty 10
made some bundle changes

- Pull in javax.servlet APIs through import-package
- Fix uses of sendError() to setStatus() to preserve response headers
- Remove deprecated Jetty logger; tests now show Jetty output,
  which is actually useful

- added new .target for eclipse-latest, orbit-latest, and jetty 10
  for use as an Eclipse target platform for development
- added new profiles to build and test for other named Eclipse releases

    mvn -Declipse.target=neon verify

  or use the following to test with Jetty 10

    mvn -Declipse.target=latest verify

Change-Id: I385b9c883bc4615e372a08238a2a158010368825
Signed-off-by: Brian de Alwis <bsd@acm.org>
5 files changed