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<H1>Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF)</H1>
<P>The Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF) is a subproject of the Eclipse Technology Project.</P>
<P>ACTF is a framework that serves as an extensible infrastructure
upon which developers can build a variety of utilities that help to evaluate and
enhance the accessibility of applications and content for people with disabilities.
A collection of example utilities will also be provided which were created on
top of the framework such as compliance validation tools, assistive technology
simulation applications, usability visualization tools, unit-testing utilities,
and alternative accessible interfaces for applications. The ACTF componentry
and the utilities will be integrated into a single tooling environment on top of
the Eclipse framework. The framework components will function cooperatively
with each other and with other Eclipse projects to provide a comprehensive
development environment for creating accessible applications and content.
<P>For additional details about the ACTF project, please visit the <A
href="">project proposal page</A>.</P>
<H2>Release 1.5 (Oxygen) is now available!</H2>
<P>ACTF 1.5 including Visualization SDK is now available.
Please visit
<a href="downloads/index.php">downloads page</a> and get ACTF components!</p>
<H2>Join the Project</H2>
<p>You can join the project,
<A href="">subscribe to the
mailing-list, </A>
and discuss project issues in
<A href="">
the newsgroup</A>.
We would like to hear from you!
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