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<title>New and Noteworthy for Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry, 1.0 (Neon)</title>
<h1>New and Noteworthy for Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry, 1.0 (Neon)</h1>
This documents highlight the new changes on Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry (CFT) in this release.
This is the first release of the Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry project after moving from the Cloud Foundry Foundation. This release involves all the necessary work required for moving to Eclipse.
A couple of general and usability improvements have been introduced in this release:
<b>Host name conflict detection has been added to the deployment
dialog to avoid host name conflict error when deploying applications</b>
<p>When the deployment wizard is launched during a publish operation,
the initial host name is automatically validated. If there is a
conflict, the wizard will suggest a new application name and matching
host name, by appending an integer to the name, until an available
host name is found.</p>
<p>On the Launch deployment page, where it shows the host
name and deployed URL, a new <i>Validate</i> button is added. Click the <i>Validate</i>
button to initiate host name taken validation.</p>
<img width=662 height=432 src="485697-HostnameAvailable.png">
<li><b>Other improvements include:</b>
<li>Publishing improvements for projects in source control and added support for publish operation cancellation</li>
<li>Improved Spring Boot and general Standalone Java packaging</li>
<li>Bug fixes</li>