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<h4>How can I submit a bid for a development effort?</h4>
Click on the link for any one of the <a
efforts</a>, and you will see a button allowing you to generate and
submit a bid. Please note that you must be logged in to do so.
<h4>Must I be a committer to submit a bid? Must my company be a member
to submit a bid?</h4>
<p>Technically, no – this is not mandatory. However, strong preference
will be given to bids submitted by member companies and individual
<h4>Can I propose an alternative solution to what is being requested
in the description of the Development Effort?</h4>
<p>Yes. It is our goal to ensure we have the best possible outcome
from these Development Efforts, and if you feel we should consider an
alternative approach, please feel free to propose it. You will,
however, have to make clear the impact to scope, and please recognize
if the cost you are proposing is greater than what was originally
allocated, the proposed solution may not be feasible.</p>
<h4>Can I get clarification on a specific Development Effort?</h4>
Yes. Please send email to <a href=""></a>.
Please be aware that we may post updates to the specific Development
Efforts based on the questions we receive.
<h4>Must my bid be a fixed price bid?</h4>
<p>No, you may propose an alternative pricing mechanism such as time
and materials, but be aware that preference will be given to fixed
price bids. If you wish to specify an alternative to fixed price,
please indicate this clearly in your bid.</p>
<h4>Can I bid on multiple development efforts?</h4>
<p>Yes, but please submit each bid as a separate proposal. Each
development effort will be managed through a separate Statement of
Work (SOW).</p>
<h4>How should I indicate the impact to my delivery schedule if I am
awarded multiple Development Efforts?</h4>
<p>If you are bidding on more than one development effort, please make
clear the impact of the deliverable schedule should you be awarded
multiple SOWs. This detail should be included in each bid impacted.</p>
<h4>How are bids qualified? Who is making the final decision regarding
<p>All bids will be evaluated by the FEEP-PM in consultation with the
team that helped develop the original list of Development Efforts.
Bids will be evaluated using the criteria specified in the FEEP
Program Description.</p>
<h4>When will I know whether my bid has won, and when can I begin
working on the Development Effort?</h4>
<p>The FEEP-PM will contact you directly should your bid(s) be
selected as a winning bid. You will be required to execute a services
contract with Eclipse Foundation, if you have not already done so,
and then to execute a work schedule to contract for the specific
Development Effort.</p>
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