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<head><title>Athena Common Builder Restructuring/Move/Termination Review</title></head>
<h2>Athena Common Builder Restructuring/Move/Termination Review</h2>
<p>The technology.dash.commonbuild component has reached a level of
maturity where we need to acknowledge that it is a proper project in its
own right. The current Eclipse Development Process indicates that the
terms "component" and "project" are synonymous, and so we are simply
acknowledging that the project already exists and are asking that it be
provided with the services commonly afforded a project such as a
dedicated website, newsgroup, and mailing list.</p>
<p>As part of this restructuring, we would like to change the id of
the project to technology.dash.athena and the name to "Athena Common
<p>Further, we want to move the code from technology.soc.athena in
to technology.dash.athena and archive technology.soc.athena. This SOC
subproject is tangentially related to the work in Athena and ought to be
moved from that cvs repository over into Dash.</p>
<p>The technology.soc.athena project should then be terminated and
archived. This project has reached its natural conclusion and
development has halted. The IP generated by this project will be assumed
by the technology.dash.athena project. The
/cvsroot/technology:org.eclipse.soc/athena CVS directory must be
archived. There are no mailing lists, newsgroups, or wiki pages
associated with this SOC component.</p>
<p>To summarize:</p>
<li>Rename technology.dash.commonbuild to technology.dash.athena</li>
<li>Acknowledge technology.dash.athena as a proper project and
provision accordingly</li>
<li>Move code from technology.soc.athena into
<li>Terminate technology.soc.athena</li>
<p align="right"><small><em>
See also: <a href="">Eclipse Bugzilla #275529 Comment #8</a>