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name="Data Tools Platform">
<release projectid="datatools" version="1.8"/>
<introduction><html:div xmlns="">
The Data Tools Platform (DTP) project provides a framework and exemplary tooling for accessing database data.
This is the plan for the DTP 1.8 release, which is part of the "Helios" (Eclipse 3.6) release train. This is
the fourth Eclipse release train in which DTP has participated.
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DTP provides two main deliverables: a "source" build for developers, which includes source code,
and a "runtime" build for users, which provides only what is needed to use DTP.
<html:p>The DTP project is a "+1" project for the Eclipse Helios release train. In general, "+1" projects
are release a working day after the base platform is released. Note: the current Galileo build will be used
as the Helios build for milestones M1 and M2.</html:p>
<milestone date="11/9/2009" milestone="M3"><html:div>Release train M3 +1 (M3 GA on 11/13/2009)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="12/14/2009" milestone="M4"><html:div>Release train M4 +1 (M4 GA on 12/18/2009)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="2/1/2010" milestone="M5"><html:div>Release train M5 +1 (M5 GA on 2/5/2010)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="3/15/2010" milestone="M6"><html:div>Release train M6 +1 (M5 GA on 3/19/2010)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="5/3/2010" milestone="M7"><html:div>Release train M7 +1 (M5 GA on 5/7/2010)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="5/17/2010" milestone="RC1"><html:div>Release train RC1 +1 (RC1 GA on 5/21/2010)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="5/24/2010" milestone="RC2"><html:div>Release train RC2 +1 (RC2 GA on 5/28/2010)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="5/31/2010" milestone="RC3"><html:div>Release train RC3 +1 (RC3 GA on 6/4/2010)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="6/7/2010" milestone="RC4"><html:div>Release train RC4 +1 (RC4 GA on 6/11/2010)</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="6/14/2010" milestone="Final"><html:div>Release train Final +1</html:div></milestone>
<milestone date="6/23/2010" milestone="1.8"/>
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<html:p>The DTP project is compiled with Java 5. It is compatible with (but does not require) Java 6.</html:p>
<html:p>DTP 1.8 will be compatible with Eclipse version 3.5 and above.</html:p>
<html:p>DTP is included in the Babel project.</html:p>
<html:div><html:div xmlns="">
The goal for DTP 1.8 is that it will be "binary compatible" with DTP 1.7. That is, client applications that
use DTP API's will not need to be recompiled to run with DTP 1.8.
<html:div>The DTP project is has reached a stage of maturity where stability has become more important than
adding new features and function. The primary participating companies (Actuate, IBM, and Sybase) continue to use
DTP, but they have reduced the amount of resource assigned to the project so that change activity is limited
to small enhancements and important bug fixes. This is reflected in the themes for this release.</html:div>
<theme name="Improved RCP Enablement">
<description><html:p>Improve the enablement in DTP for the creation of RCP-based data access tooling.
One of the oldest open requests since DTP started has been for the creation of a stand-alone RCP tool for
database development. We have some enhancements in this area (developed with the help of Ingres) we want to
get into DTP. These enhancements will "incubate" for a while and won't be part of the regular build, but
will be available for user to try out and extend.</html:p></description>
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<theme name="Improved Result Set Handling in the Open Data Access Framework">
<description><html:p>Enhance the ODA API to support specifying dynamic result set operations and handle additional
result set types.</html:p></description>
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<theme name="Continuing Quality Improvements">
<description><html:p>Continue fixing important bugs as identified by the participating companies and the
DTP community.</html:p></description>