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<p>Eclipse projects are required to maintain intellectual property (IP) logs for each release. This page
contains all such logs for the <a href="">Eclipse e4</a> project. For
more details on IP logs, see the <a href="">
Eclipse Development Process</a> documentation.</p>
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<h3>Current IP Log</h3>
<p>To see a draft IP log for the e4 project release currently under development,
view the <a href="">auto-generated IP log</a>.
Note the auto-generated log has not been reviewed for accuracy or approved by the Eclipse Foundation legal team.
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<h3>IP Logs For Past Releases</h3>
<p>The following are approved IP logs for past e4 project releases.</p>
<li><a href="e4_iplog_0.9.php">e4 0.9 release (July 30, 2009)</a></li>
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