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       <li><a href="/che">Che</a><br />
 Che is a project to create a platform for creating cloud developer environments.  A cloud developer environment contains the tools, infrastructure, and processes necessary for a developer to edit, build, test, and debug an application. A cloud developer environment is hosted, whether running on your desktop, in your datacenter, or in the cloud. The environment can be cloned, embedded, and shared in ways that decentralized workspaces cannot. Che contains a set of microservices representing the developer workflow that are connected through CLI, API, and a JavaScript client. The JavaScript client is based upon an open kernal architecture that is fully extensible, following the Eclipse RCP architectural approach for distributed Web applications. Che is authored in Java, with a design optimized to minimize the port of Eclipse RCP plug-ins to operate in a distributed system with a JavaScript front-end. The Che project includes dozens of plug-ins, covering a variety of editors, languages, builders, source code management, and debuggers.
+      <li><a href="/dirigible">Dirigible</a><br />
+Dirigible is a cloud development toolkit providing both development tools and runtime environment. It supports the complete development lifecycle of on-demand applications by leveraging in-system programming models and rapid application development techniques.      </li>
       <li><a href="/flux">Flux</a><br />
 This project aims at designing and implementing a new architecture and infrastructure for integrating development tools across desktop, browser, and servers. The goal is to provide an extremely flexible platform and infrastructure that allows new cloud-based tooling components to be built highly decoupled from each other and that bridges the gap to existing desktop IDEs at the same time.
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