I fix the documentation related to the module version. This is determined by the app pom version on an application level rather than on each Module separately with the getVersion method as stated previously.
diff --git a/content/en_docs.php b/content/en_docs.php
index 181a8e0..5915e3d 100644
--- a/content/en_docs.php
+++ b/content/en_docs.php
@@ -597,10 +597,8 @@
         with an endpoint of the form <code>/1/v1.0/market</code>.
         Jemo, uses a prefix of the form <code>/{plugin_id}/v{version_number}</code>, where
-        is defined on <code>pom.xml</code>,
-        while <code>version_number</code> is determined by the <code>Module.getVersion</code>
-        implementation. The default implementation returns <code>1.0</code>,
-        override this method to change it.</p>
+        is defined on <code>pom.xml</code>
+        and <code>version_number</code> is determined by the pom version.
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