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 <h3>New and Noteworthy</h3>
+<p>A lot of exciting things are in the works for Mangrove, including features related to BPM governance. Stay tuned!</p> 
+<p>DSL Connectivity through Mangrove was presented at EclipseCON Europe during the <a href="">SOA Symposium</a>. Slides available soon.</p>
 <p>The new <a href="editor.php">Mangrove Editor</a> is almost finished. You can use it to view and edit the contents of your Mangrove instance!</p>
 <p>Mangrove was presented at <a href="">EclipseCON 2010</a>. Check out the <a href="">Mangrove overview presentation</a> 
 and the overall <a href="">Eclipse SOA project presentation</a>.</p>