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<p>The XML Schema Definition is a reference library that provides an
<a href="">API</a> for use with any code that
examines, creates or modifies <a href="">W3C XML Schema</a> (standalone or as part of
other artifacts, such as XForms or WSDL documents).</p>
<p>XSD is a library that provides an
<a href="">API</a>
for manipulating the components of an XML
Schema as described by
the <a href="">W3C XML Schema</a>
specifications, as well as an API for
manipulating the DOM-accessible representation of XML Schema as a series
of XML documents, and for keeping these representations in agreement as
schemas are modified.</p>
<p>The library will include services to serialize
and deserialize XML Schema documents, and to do integrity checking of
schemas (for example, not using a maximum value for a simpleType which
is invalid considering the base type of that simpleType). The project
goal is to support 100% of the functionality of XML schema
representation, but not necessarily to provide document against schema
assessment or validation services, which are normally provided by a
validating parser,
such as Apache's <a href="">Xerces-J</a>.</p>
<h4>XML Schema Definition</h4>
<p><img src="/modeling/mdt/images/XMLSchemaDefinitionModel.gif" alt="XML Schema Definition Model"/></p>