Add P4R to relatives.

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Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <>
diff --git a/relatives.html b/relatives.html
index ca1f417..6856795 100755
--- a/relatives.html
+++ b/relatives.html
@@ -107,6 +107,14 @@
                     <h2 class="subsection-title wrap">Other relatives</h2>
                     <p class="text-justify">
                         These relatives are not yet available through the market place but can be installed by using "Help" > "Install new Software". This list is ordered by version, corresponding to the latest Papyrus compatibility verification, and contains a description and link to their update site.
+						 <h3 class="subsubsection-title wrap">Eclipse 2019-12</h3>
+							<ul>
+							<!-- Robotics -->
+								<li><p class="text-left">
+									<a href="components/robotics/">
+									Papyrus for Robotics</a>: A Papyrus-based modeling environment dedicated to robotics</li>
+							</ul>	
 						 <h3 class="subsubsection-title wrap">Eclipse 2019-03</h3>
 							 <!-- collaborative modeling-->