Another Neon update.

Signed-off-by: Greg Watson <>
diff --git a/downloads.php b/downloads.php
index c27c672..877ec38 100644
--- a/downloads.php
+++ b/downloads.php
@@ -39,9 +39,8 @@
      	<h3>Stand-alone Installation</h2>
-      	The easiest way to  install PTP is the <b>Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers</b> on the 
-      	<a href="">Eclipse downloads</a> this now contains  <font size=+1>PTP 9.1</font>
-      	and is the Neon-based  release. 
+      	The easiest way to download and install PTP is to use the 
+      	<a href="">Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers</b> package</a>. 
       	If you have an earlier version of <b>Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers</b>, you can update to PTP 9.1 via <b>Help > Check for Updates</b>. 
       	Or to get just the PTP/Photran
       	changes, you can install from