Gyrex AddOn - MongoDB Persistence Provider

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  1. a07a754 add Git source URL for Tycho by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 6 years ago maintenance/1.2 master R1_2_1
  2. e1ca060 update ignores by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 6 years ago
  3. 9ae4be2 enable generation of source features by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 6 years ago
  4. eb0845a add Maven POMs, align versions and fix dependencies to make Tycho happy by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 6 years ago
  5. e275abd missing about.html by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago R1_2 v20120524-0613 v20120524-0645 v20120524-0715 v20120524-0845 v20120524-1245 v20120524-1445 v20120603-1945 v20120604-1845 v20120604-1915 v20120613-0541 v20120613-0545 v20120613-0657 v20120702-0845 v20120702-0945 v20120702-1015 v20120703-0745 v20120706-0845 v20120711-0715 v20120711-0845 v20120719-1015 v20120719-1115 v20120719-1245 v20120719-1315 v20120726-1215 v20120726-1245 v20120726-1315 v20120801-1445 v20120806-0645 v20120806-1445 v20120810-0645 v20120821-1815 v20120822-0545 v20120823-1645 v20120829-1115 v20120829-1145 v20120829-1215 v20120829-1245 v20120830-1345 v20120830-2045 v20120924-1815 v20120925-0815 v20121007-0715 v20121007-0745 v20121007-0845 v20121007-0915 v20121007-1015 v20121015-0915 v20121015-0945 v20121015-1115 v20121015-1315 v20121018-1015 v20121018-1045 v20121018-1245 v20121018-1315 v20121018-1345 v20121019-0915 v20121113-2115 v20121114-0715 v20121114-1445 v20121115-0845 v20121115-0915 v20121129-0715 v20121130-1415 v20121130-1445 v20121130-1515 v20121203-1445 v20121214-1245 v20121218-0915 v20121220-0945 v20121221-1015 v20130105-1145 v20130105-1215 v20130108-1345 v20130110-1245 v20130115-1545 v20130116-1215 v20130116-1945 v20130116-2115 v20130116-2145 v20130117-0945 v20130117-1345 v20130117-1402 v20130117-1645 v20130123-1645 v20130123-2015 v20130124-1515 v20130127-0915 v20130127-2045 v20130131-1445 v20130131-1645 v20130131-1915 v20130131-2015 v20130204-1245 v20130206-1215 v20130206-1315 v20130206-1615 v20130207-1545 v20130207-2045 v20130207-2215 v20130208-1045 v20130213-2045 v20130222-0445 v20130222-2115 v20130225-1945 v20130226-1945 v20130226-2045 v20130305-1015 v20130307-1915 v20130312-2115 v20130313-0845 v20130314-0845 v20130314-1345 v20130314-2045 v20130316-0615 v20130317-1645 v20130317-2015 v20130317-2045 v20130317-2115 v20130317-2145 v20130318-1845 v20130318-2045 v20130319-0845 v20130319-1215 v20130320-0315 v20130320-1245 v20130321-1845 v20130322-0245 v20130322-1445 v20130322-1715 v20130323-1415 v20130324-1315 v20130325-1232 v20130403-1945 v20130403-2045 v20130404-0745 v20130404-0815 v20130404-1345 v20130404-1515 v20130405-1905 v20130406-1145 v20130407-1345 v20130408-1115 v20130408-1445 v20130409-1038 v20130409-1052 v20130409-1702 v20130415-1415 v20130415-1815 v20130415-1845 v20130415-1945 v20130417-1315 v20130418-0915 v20130418-0945 v20130418-1915 v20130507-0915 v20130507-1015 v20130508-0645 v20130508-1245 v20130508-1315 v20130508-1415 v20130508-1515 v20130517-1515 v20130521-0715 v20130521-0745 v20130521-0815 v20130521-0915 v20130521-1134 v20130522-0945 v20130531-1215 v20130531-2015 v20130604-0845 v20130604-1015 v20130605-0645 v20130606-1515 v20130606-1915 v20130607-1535 v20130610-1515 v20130610-1915 v20130612-1345 v20130612-1415 v20130612-1545 v20130613-1915 v20130617-1845 v20130620-0815 v20130620-1445 v20130620-1645 v20130621-0515 v20130621-0845
  6. f3c14e5 update clean-up profile by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120511-0856 v20120514-0745 v20120514-0815 v20120514-0915 v20120514-1945 v20120523-1315 v20120523-1345
  7. c95aca0 disable logging (for now) by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago R1_0 v20120322-1302 v20120423-1015 v20120426-0815 v20120426-0945 v20120504-1815 v20120507-0815 v20120507-1245 v20120507-1915 v20120509-1115 v20120509-1145 v20120509-1215 v20120509-1415 v20120509-1745 v20120510-0645 v20120511-1045
  8. 49b1bd0 workaround for missing EclipseLink feature by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120125-2051 v20120125-2115 v20120126-1045 v20120206-1345 v20120206-1445 v20120207-1445 v20120207-1715 v20120216-2015 v20120216-2045 v20120222-0545 v20120222-0745 v20120225-1945 v20120227-1645 v20120319-2345 v20120320-0645 v20120320-0715 v20120321-0815 v20120321-1614 v20120321-1615 v20120321-2059 v20120321-2214 v20120321-2215 v20120322-0715 v20120324-0945 v20120325-2115 v20120325-2345 v20120326-0015 v20120420-1815 v20120420-1845 v20120420-2015
  9. e534ce1 disable Gemini JPA/EclipseLink data source handling by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago
  10. 6a3f498 fix missing argument by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago
  11. 8defe3a improve reporint when no pools are available by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago
  12. 9a54b13 register EclipseLink provider by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago
  13. 8993c3f file with better error message when not available by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago
  14. 78192ad fix copyright header by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago
  15. 9b3feb8 new repository which supports EclipseLink together with MongoDb by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120123-1345 v20120123-1415
  16. ea25ddb unix file endings by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120123-0813 v20120123-1145 v20120123-1215 v20120123-1315
  17. c54ce49 add MongoDB driver to dependencies by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120119-1138 v20120120-1245 v20120120-1715 v20120120-1745 v20120121-0952 v20120121-1015 v20120121-1945 v20120121-2103 v20120122-0415 v20120122-0445 v20120122-1845
  18. fe6ad09 new feature for MongoDB dependencies by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120112-1133 v20120118-1615
  19. 56b8cb9 new feature for MongoDB add-on by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120112-1125
  20. d308da0 update project settings by Gunnar Wagenknecht · 7 years ago v20120112-1121