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C++ client example

This is a simple example application that uses the Apache Thrift C++ libraries and the C++ stubs generated from the Thrift IDL file produced by Ecore2Thrift 1. It uses the Thrift Compact protocol over HTTP. The application lists all the available instances in a server, and it is used as follows (brackets indicate optional arguments):

./example [host] [port]


To compile this application, you will need the Apache Thrift 0.9.3 C++ runtime library. Since Thrift is not yet at 1.0, headers may change quite a bit, so use exactly that version if you have issues.

If you need to compile it from source in a Debian-based system, you could follow the official instructions. If you run into an error message about “libcrypto required”, you may need to install libssl1.0-dev (source). You may want to disable Ruby, as one of the test cases for Ruby fails, by using:

./configure --without-ruby

After configuring, you will have to follow the usual make and sudo make install steps. You will want to run sudo ldconfig to make sure the library is in the shared library search path.

The project depends on the Hawk C++ stubs in the plugins-server/org.eclipse.hawk.service.api/src-gen-cpp folder. The CMakeLists.txt file refers to this library using a relative path with the add_subdirectory CMake command.

How to build

You can use ./ to build the application inside the build folder, or use ./ to generate an Eclipse CDT4 project in the ../org.eclipse.hawk.examples.cpp.eclipse folder. CMake recommends that you use a sibling folder rather than a subfolder for generated Eclipse projects.