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This repository contains the core components of the EMF-IncQuery project. EMF-IncQuery is a framework for defining declarative graph queries over EMF models, and executing them efficiently without manual coding in an imperative programming language such as Java.

With EMF-IncQuery, you can:

  • Define model queries using a high level yet powerful query language (supported by state-of-the-art Xtext-based development tools)
  • Execute the queries efficiently and incrementally, with proven scalability for complex queries over large instance models
  • Integrate queries into your applications using essential feature APIs including IncQuery Viewers, Databinding, Validation and Query-based derived features with notifications.


To install EMF-IncQuery to your Eclipse instance, you can use the update sites created and maintained by the project. Before installation, you will need a current version of EMF and Xtext installed.

The update site locations are described in

Most important links

Building and Contributing

Building EMF-IncQuery

This repository does not contain generated code, making first build from source somewhat complicated. A detailed description is maintained in the development environment wiki page.

EMF-IncQuery maintains Maven/Tycho-based builds, however for bootstrapping reasons it can be executed in two parts. It can be executed by executing the following lines:

mvn -f releng/org.eclipse.incquery.parent/pom.xml -Dmaven.runtime=true clean install    
mvn -f releng/org.eclipse.incquery.parent/pom.xml clean install

The created update sites will be available in:

  • Core plug-ins: releng/org.eclipse.incquery.update/target/repository/
  • All plug-ins (including experimental ones): releng/org.eclipse.incquery.update.extras/target/repository/

Contributing to EMF-IncQuery

Please read the Contributing wiki page to understand our contribution process.


All code in this repository is available under the Eclipse Public License v1.0: