Eclipse JDT Core
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  1. f5f144e  Test case patch for Bug 435241 - [1.8][lambda][formatter] if/else within lambda is incorrectly formatted by Mateusz Matela - 2 days ago master
  2. 2f1a0c5  Bug 475865 - JDT deletes code by Mateusz Matela - 5 days ago
  3. 369d9db  Fix for Bug 474270 NullPointerException in ImportRewrite.annotateType (1250) by Manoj Palat - 3 days ago
  4. 7fdb61f  Bug 471280 - [1.8][compiler][inference] Potential bug in type inference by Stephan Herrmann - 6 days ago I20150901-0800
  5. 74bb589  Fix for Bug 470794 Missing support for Intersection types in ITypeBinding by Manoj Palat - 9 days ago

JDT Core

This is the core part of Eclipse’s Java development tools. It contains the non-UI support for compiling and working with Java code, including the following:

For more information, refer to the JDT wiki page or the JDT project overview page.


Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0