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  1. 3c46376 Bug 570016: Enable type argument completions in lambda block by Gayan Perera · 13 days ago master I20210120-1400
  2. db4cdd0 Bug 570220 - [formatter] Bug for 'if' open parenthesis inside lambda by Mateusz Matela · 3 days ago I20210118-1800
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  5. 7f76bf7 Bug 570002 - Version issues in JDT core by Andrey Loskutov · 3 weeks ago I20210101-1800 I20210102-0600

JDT Core

This is the core part of Eclipse's Java development tools. It contains the non-UI support for compiling and working with Java code, including the following:

  • an incremental or batch Java compiler that can run standalone or as part of the Eclipse IDE
  • Java source and class file indexer and search infrastructure
  • a Java source code formatter
  • APIs for code assist, access to the AST and structured manipulation of Java source.

For more information and important links, refer to the [JDT wiki page] 1 or the [JDT project overview page] 2.


Eclipse Public License (EPL) v2.0