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  1. c9eaedc Bug 561715 - Fix local variable inspection inside lambda expression by gayanper · 2 days ago master I20200403-1800 I20200404-0330 I20200404-0600 I20200404-1220
  2. f045f90 Bug 561542 - [1.8] wrong variables names are shown in variables view by Sarika Sinha · 2 days ago
  3. f500290 Bug 561275 - Debug step filters need "jdk.*" default option for JDK 9+ by Sarika Sinha · 3 days ago I20200402-0410 I20200402-0850 I20200402-1800 I20200402-2250
  4. 150ef31 Bug 561542 - wrong variables names are shown in variables view when by Sarika Sinha · 4 days ago I20200401-1800
  5. 217d5cd Bug 560392 - Evaluate Lambda Field variables by gayanper · 5 weeks ago
  6. 829260a Bug 548923 - Use switch over strings where possible by Carsten Hammer · 10 months ago I20200325-1800 I20200326-1800 I20200327-1800 I20200328-1800 I20200329-1800 I20200330-1800 I20200331-1800
  7. e6f91c4 Remove unnecessary whitespace by Lars Vogel · 6 weeks ago I20200318-1800 I20200319-0550 I20200319-1800 I20200320-1800 I20200321-0440 I20200321-1800 I20200322-0300 I20200322-1150 I20200322-1800 I20200323-1800 I20200324-1800
  8. e3c37df Bug 551487 - [14] Update bundle versions and dependency versions in jdt.debug by Sarika Sinha · 2 weeks ago I20200318-1100 I20200318-1400
  9. fb580af Bug 551500 - [14] Remove disclaimers from JDT Debug code base and merge by Sarika Sinha · 2 weeks ago
  10. d22d623 Bug 551500 - [14] Remove disclaimers from JDT Debug code base and merge by Sarika Sinha · 2 weeks ago BETA_JAVA14 P20200318-0430 P20200318-0455 Y20200318-0540
  11. 6c472e8 Bug 551489 - [14] Java 14 API doc to be added for JRE library by Sarika Sinha · 3 weeks ago
  12. de13076 Bug 551500 - [14] Remove disclaimers from JDT Debug code base and merge by Sarika Sinha · 3 weeks ago
  13. 620e02a Bug 561148 - [14] Unknown set of default modules in by Stephan Herrmann · 3 weeks ago Y20200317-0225
  14. 931dde0 Replace deprecated Wrapper constructors with valueOf by Lars Vogel · 3 months ago I20200317-1800
  15. 7a1e096 Bug 560995: Preserve original constant pool entries by Evgeny Mandrikov · 3 weeks ago Y20200313-1100 Y20200314-1405 Y20200316-0820 Y20200316-1300
  16. a35b934 Use map method directly if possible by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago I20200312-1800 I20200312-1835 I20200313-0810 I20200313-1800 I20200314-1800 I20200315-1800 I20200315-2240 I20200316-1800 X20200311-1900 X20200311-2150 X20200312-0700 X20200312-1210 X20200312-1530 X20200312-1900 X20200313-0410
  17. 14d9a94 Bug 560872 - POM and product version change for 4.16 release by Mat Booth · 4 weeks ago I20200307-1145 I20200307-1800 I20200308-1800 I20200309-0810 I20200309-1800 I20200310-0810 I20200310-1800 I20200311-1800 X20200306-1900 X20200311-0820
  18. 78899a9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into BETA_JAVA14 by Sarika Sinha · 5 weeks ago P20200303-0310 P20200311-1045 Y20200305-0600 Y20200308-0520 Y20200308-0700 Y20200309-1300 Y20200310-0525 Y20200311-0915
  19. 7d64f88 Bug 448473: Support functional expressions in Modular projects by Jesper Steen Møller · 7 weeks ago R4_15_maintenance I20200224-0600 I20200224-1800 I20200225-0600 I20200225-1800 I20200226-0600 I20200226-1800 I20200228-1800 I20200229-0600 I20200229-1800 I20200301-0030 I20200301-0600 I20200301-1800 I20200301-2310 I20200302-0600 I20200302-1800 I20200303-0600 I20200303-1800 I20200304-0600 I20200304-1800 I20200305-0155 R4_15 S4_15_0_RC1 S4_15_0_RC2 X20200224-0700 X20200224-1900 X20200225-0700 X20200225-1900 X20200226-0700 X20200227-0130 X20200227-0700 X20200227-1900 X20200228-0520 X20200228-0700 X20200228-1900 X20200229-0700 X20200229-1900 X20200301-0700 X20200301-1900 X20200302-0700 X20200302-0930 X20200302-1900 X20200303-0700 X20200303-1900 X20200304-0700 X20200304-1900 X20200305-0700 X20200305-1900 X20200306-0700
  20. 27e8ae4 Bug 559742 - Overenthusiastic Repeated exception occurrence by Stephan Herrmann · 6 weeks ago I20200221-1800 I20200222-0600 I20200222-1800 I20200223-0600 I20200223-1800 I20200223-2335 X20200221-0700 X20200221-1130 X20200222-0700 X20200223-0250 X20200223-0700 X20200223-1900