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<title>3.0 JDT Debug Change Notes</title>
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<h1>3.1 JDT Debug Change Notes</h1>
<p>This document describes important changes in the 3.1 JDT debugger, relative
to the 3.0 release.</p>
<h2>New Features</h2>
<h3>1.5 Support</h3>
<p>Generic signatures, isEnum, isVarArgs</p>
<h3>Locks &amp; Monitors</h3>
<p>IJavaObject and utils JavaDebugUtils.</p>
<h3>Default VM agruments &amp; Java version (IVMInstall)</h3>
<p>TODO: New API class to subclass</p>
<h3>Native classpath entries</h3>
<h3>Java doc location per JRE library</h3>
<h3>Translate runtimeclasspath entries to source containers (JavaRuntime)</h3>
<h2>API Changes</h2>