Revert "Bug 509095 - Remote Java Application page: missing mnemonics"

This reverts commit 697bd9a237775c23ac6db6f84a5402fccdcf80da.

Revert "Bundle version increase for 4.8 in jdt.debug and jdt.debug.ui
for Bug 509095"

This reverts commit 4a5105f9d18664b1fa5bf88b1c0e430118f721d2.

Revert "Bug 516861 - Error dialog with message "-1" on inspect"

This reverts commit 8e4ba826733dd93cdf9da9597f873425d3a8f274.

Revert "Bug 516348 - [tests] testSuspendLongRunningCondition workaround"

This reverts commit 66d75a5cbbf0a2e2009f9c1e3ec5df74d8a2e9ee.
9 files changed