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<title>Java Debug Release Notes</title>
<h1>Eclipse 3.3 Java Debug Build Notes&nbsp;</h1>
<h2>Summary of API changes in 3.3</h2>
<li>added <code>IJavaThread.isDaemon()</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaThread.getFrameCount()</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaDebugTarget.supportsInstanceRetreival()</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaReferenceType.getInstances(int max)</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaObject.getReferringObjects(int max)</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaDebugUIConstants.PREF_ALLINSTANCES_MAX_COUNT</code> and
<li>added support for access rules to be defined for libraries in an execution
<li>An execution environment can define an access rule participant to contribute
rules specific to an environment (see the new attribute <code>ruleParticipant</code>
on the <code>environment</code> element of the <code>executionEnvironments</code>
extension point).</li>
<li>Additionally an access rule participant can be contributed in isolation
to participate in access rule creation for any execution environment (see
the <code>ruleParticipant </code>element of the <code>executionEnvironments</code>
extension point). The rule participant can create rules selectively based
on project, JRE, and system libraries.</li>
<li>See the new interface <code>IAccessRuleParticipant</code> and the new
method <code>IExecutionEnvironment.getAccessRules(...)</code>.</li>
<li>added support to force early return from a method
<li>added <code>IJavaStackFrame.canForceReturn()</code>, <code>IJavaStackFrame.forceReturn(IJavaValue)</code>,
<h2>3.3 RC3 - June 1, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">189845</a>: NPE after 'New Detail Formatter'<br>
<h2>3.3 RC2 - May 18, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">188300</a>: Step Filtering pref page does not apply dialog font<br>
<a href="">188174</a>: Breakpoints markers are lost when a JavaScript, Html, or XML file is saved.<br>
<a href="">188946</a>: EditLogicalStructureDialog is not modal<br>
<a href="">188506</a>: Edit Logical Structure Dialog has no F1 help<br>
<a href="">187000</a>: Debugger looses selection/focus a lot on the thread stack where you debug.<br>
<h2>3.3 RC1 - May 11, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">184857</a>: Four images leaked each time exception breakpoint dialog is opened<br>
<a href="">182320</a>: Buttons of 'Errors in Project' window aren't visible when there is a lot of projects<br>
<a href="">184862</a>: [evaluation] evaluation in static method with generics does not work<br>
<a href="">153124</a>: CCE while performing evaluation near autobox<br>
<a href="">185755</a>: AddExceptionDialog has non-nls'd UI message<br>
<a href="">184863</a>: NPE in JRE launch configuration tab<br>
<a href="">185018</a>: Details values is incorrect for watch expressions with errors<br>
<a href="">185808</a>: [help] No help topic found for the add source dialog<br>
<a href="">185666</a>: Typo in type resolution error<br>
<a href="">178246</a>: inspect/all instances popup should expand first element<br>
<a href="">173101</a>: Inspector and Variables view incorrectly escapes single quotes in strings<br>
<a href="">184911</a>: Actions not disabled in Variables View for dummy variables when showing references<br>
<a href="">184917</a>: [jres] Mac always launches system default VM no matter what config says<br>
<a href="">186443</a>: Remove dead code<br>
<h2>3.3 Milestone 7 - May 4, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">126729</a>: [jres] unable to retrieve system properties<br>
<a href="">175708</a>: [breakpoints] Debugger stops without feedback<br>
<a href="">184211</a>: JDI connectors throw NullPointerException if used separately from Eclipse<br>
<a href="">179685</a>: JREContainerInitializer average initialization time<br>
<a href="">178729</a>: [breakpoints] inconsistent behavior of breakpoint setting using double-click<br>
<a href="">184387</a>: Add JRE wizard: JRE type default changed to Standard 1.1x VM<br>
<a href="">183532</a>: Bug with debugging of generic methods<br>
<a href="">176275</a>: [breakpoints] Method breakpoint filters do not work<br>
<a href="">161364</a>: Evaluating Code that contains Generics does not work while debugging<br>
<a href="">153122</a>: CCE performing eval of switch statement<br>
<a href="">151319</a>: Detailed formater does not seem to recognize methods of the current class<br>
<a href="">151569</a>: [console] Java stack trace console: after paste, link to exception too long<br>
<a href="">184883</a>: Inspecting code results in flashing text in popup<br>
<a href="">186302</a>: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException while trying to add jdk<br>
<h2>April 24, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">182237</a>: Invalid thread access exceptions in Java Variables view.<br>
<a href="">182807</a>: [breakpoints] NPE attempting to set breakpoint<br>
<a href="">169542</a>: A ThreadGroup (and all its Threads) is not displayed in the Debug view when its parent didn't contain any threads<br>
<a href="">140330</a>: [jres] Inconsistent JRE configuration with -vm option.<br>
<a href="">182992</a>: Add/Edit JRE Dialog initial size too small on Linux<br>
<a href="">182890</a>: Variables view: 'References' tends to clutter the view<br>
<a href="">182008</a>: blank threads in debug view<br>
<a href="">148872</a>: [source lookup] missing jar causes sourcepath computation to fail<br>
<a href="">183365</a>: NLS33: Translation question<br>
<h2>April 17, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">178902</a>: Setting Stop in main does not stop when launched<br>
<a href="">173479</a>: Provide a quick fix for deprecated JRE variables<br>
<a href="">148965</a>: Performance problem in detail pane when there is a lot of plugins.<br>
<a href="">182084</a>: AIOOBE while stopped at BP<br>
<a href="">178279</a>: Filter package action filters receiving type rather than declaring type<br>
<a href="">178979</a>: Exception label not displayed in the debug view when using scrapbook<br>
<a href="">181548</a>: Please rmdir org.eclipse.jdt.debug/jdi-bin from CVS and cvsignore it<br>
<a href="">170377</a>: Stack traces frenetically appear and disappear when a breakpoint is hit<br>
<a href="">180667</a>: Resume in loop selects another thread<br>
<a href="">177579</a>: Hover's sticky affordance should use actual key binding<br>
<a href="">181914</a>: NPE in BreakpointConditionEditor<br>
<a href="">182065</a>: ClassCastException expanding inspect expression<br>
<a href="">182111</a>: focus lost in the debug view while stopped at BP<br>
<h2>April 10, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">168841</a>: JRERuntimeClasspathEntryResolver#isSameArchives() should be case insensitive on windows<br>
<a href="">178641</a>: [performance] conditional breakpoint performance test failure<br>
<a href="">179122</a>: [performance] breakpoint performance tests<br>
<a href="">181146</a>: Preference page has two checkboxes &quot;Suspend for breakpoints during evaluations&quot;<br>
<a href="">173465</a>: Show &quot;(already running)&quot; in tooltip for run/debug if it is<br>
<a href="">179840</a>: Max length setting of 0 ignored<br>
<a href="">181152</a>: 'Toggle Step Filters' action has bad name<br>
<a href="">179442</a>: DBCS3.3: editing duplicated launch configuration won't be displayed<br>
<a href="">178282</a>: [java 1.6] Force early return causing NPEs<br>
<a href="">180496</a>: Use the new ClasspathContainerInitializer API for the JRE<br>
<a href="">179111</a>: Numerous fixes for All Instances / All References features<br>
<h2>April 3, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">176004</a>: 'All Instances' should work on actual type<br>
<a href="">178264</a>: sash settings not persisted in eval popups<br>
<a href="">178860</a>: Scrapbook page is not responding if an exception occurs during evaluation<br>
<a href="">179611</a>: Breakpoints lost when JSP file saved<br>
<a href="">179121</a>: JDIModelPresentation does not allow spaces in variable names<br>
<a href="">157055</a>: [variables view] Right click on variable produces ClassNotLoadedErrors<br>
<a href="">175248</a>: Variables view escapes Strings twice (too many \)<br>
<a href="">180460</a>: NPE in BreakpointRenameProjectParticipant when renaming project<br>
<a href="">132795</a>: [string variables] SelectedResourceManager leaks fSelectedText field when active editor is closed<br>
<h2>Milestone 6 - Mar 23, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">178795</a>: NPE from add exception breakpoint dialog<br>
<a href="">178752</a>: Run/Debug settings is not on project preferences page<br>
<a href="">178718</a>: model proxy created for Java debug target in var view<br>
<a href="">178634</a>: Deadlock while launching tests just after having started my workspace<br>
<a href="">152381</a>: Error creating multiple watch expressions<br>
<a href="">177541</a>: NLS33:translation questions<br>
<a href="">177570</a>: All instances does not work when constructor is selected<br>
<a href="">176608</a>: Debug view contains empty items at end<br>
<a href="">177348</a>: Coalesce access to discouraged access of WorkingCopyManager<br>
<a href="">152641</a>: [java 1.6] Provide all instances feature in JDT debugger<br>
<a href="">172402</a>: Allow export of logical structure preferences<br>
<a href="">177383</a>: NLS33:translation - typos<br>
<a href="">177138</a>: Use different modifier for debug hyperlink detector<br>
<a href="">177423</a>: All Instances action enabled in JavaEditor for pre-1.6 VMs<br>
<a href="">177424</a>: Force return action is enabled for non-1.6 VMs<br>
<a href="">177382</a>: [launching] Support for launching .class files lost<br>
<a href="">177542</a>: NLS33:translation questions<br>
<a href="">177611</a>: Remove illegal references to JavaEditor<br>
<a href="">177499</a>: NPE while displaying content of an array<br>
<a href="">150652</a>: [evaluation] Force early return<br>
<a href="">177753</a>: Java shortcuts do not appear for .jar files<br>
<a href="">153887</a>: [java 1.6] Provide an easy way to browse all references<br>
<a href="">154115</a>: [java 1.6] Support for Java SE 6 debug features<br>
<a href="">178427</a>: NPE in AllReferencesActionDelegate<br>
<h2>Mar 13, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">176814</a>: Compiler warning in N20070309-0010<br>
<a href="">176866</a>: Strange border in Java &gt; Debug preference page<br>
<a href="">176853</a>: Launch configurations go missing<br>
<a href="">176597</a>: Variables view: Toggling primitive display options does not refresh view<br>
<h2>Mar 6, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">162987</a>: [breakpoints] Renaming a class with breakpoints causes JavaModelException<br>
<a href="">176154</a>: [refactoring] NPE in LaunchConfigurationProjectMainTypeChange while renaming project<br>
<h2>Feb 27th, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">175208</a>: remove API constant introduced in 3.3<br>
<a href="">175202</a>: Java launch config migration delegate<br>
<a href="">174216</a>: Polish for &quot;references not supported&quot; element<br>
<h2>Feb 20th, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">161416</a>: Allow for step through vs. step return using filters<br>
<a href="">172569</a>: Ability to send custom JDWP commands<br>
<a href="">174779</a>: [hot code replace] hot code place not triggered<br>
<a href="">174465</a>: [preferences] [heapwalking] No accelerator for references option<br>
<a href="">152653</a>: [java 1.6] All references<br>
<a href="">173687</a>: NPE updating compiler compliance<br>
<a href="">170914</a>: [variables] Logical structures cause infinite refresh in variables view<br>
<a href="">173620</a>: Default Javadoc location for JDK 6 missing<br>
<a href="">112630</a>: hyperlink debugging<br>
<a href="">173339</a>: [launching] default main method search scope constraints are too lax<br>
<h2>Feb 13th, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">154233</a>: [java 1.6] Make use of improved class prepare filtering<br>
<a href="">172539</a>: Logical structures are not imported from preferences<br>
<a href="">153060</a>: Internal Error when changing boolean variable by hand in debugger<br>
<a href="">173714</a>: NPEs under JavaStackTracePageParticipant while debugging<br>
<a href="">173188</a>: [launching] User must choose between main types even if selection is a main method<br>
<a href="">173909</a>: 'Skip All Breakpoints' command does nothing<br>
<a href="">173304</a>: NPE in EditDetailFormatterAction when called from context menu of Variables view<br>
<a href="">173860</a>: NPE in packet send manage running test suite<br>
<h2>Milestone 5, Feb 9th, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">173182</a>: NPE from ExceptionInspector when shutting down workbench<br>
<a href="">172205</a>: [breakpoints] Suspend... menuitem has no icon in Linux<br>
<a href="">172181</a>: Bad &quot;Suspend VM&quot; and &quot;Suspend Thread&quot; behaviour in Breakpoints view<br>
<a href="">172093</a>: Debugger attempts to set wrong type of bp in final instance variable of type Runnable<br>
<a href="">172989</a>: NPE when disabling breakpoint<br>
<a href="">173187</a>: Line Breakpoint changes unclear during refactoring<br>
<a href="">172668</a>: Cannot add Exception breakpoint for type name that does not inclue 'Exception'<br>
<a href="">169139</a>: Launch configuration should check .class compability, not compiler compliance level<br>
<a href="">171075</a>: Java Editor Disconnecting Debug Session<br>
<a href="">172348</a>: Dialog to add exception breakpoint extremely slow<br>
<a href="">162399</a>: Problem in the implementation of the support of JSR-045<br>
<a href="">165969</a>: API to allow a contributed JRE and variables to be re-initialized<br>
<a href="">170603</a>: Bad usability of Java Exception selection dialog<br>
<a href="">172516</a>: use the new 'deprecated' and 'read-only' classpath variables<br>
<a href="">173152</a>: missing element in tree when 'no monitor information'<br>
<a href="">173193</a>: [applets] Search for applets returns results that are not applets<br>
<a href="">172530</a>: NPE in AbstractJavaMainTab<br>
<h2>Jan 30, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">171984</a>: Open the Breakpoint Properties dialog on a key stroke<br>
<a href="">171915</a>: Installed JREs pref page opens very wide<br>
<a href="">171787</a>: javadoc warning in N20070126-0010<br>
<h2>Jan 23, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">171286</a>: HCR failed dialog should present launch label as well as the target label<br>
<a href="">170966</a>: Logical Structures preference page doesn't update when structure edited<br>
<a href="">171567</a>: [launching] NPE from Launching plugin if constructor does not get called<br>
<a href="">170494</a>: [variables view] add new logical structure dialog content assist available when it shouldn't be<br>
<h2>Jan 16, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">170322</a>: Breakpoint properties page: condition field should resize vertically<br>
<h2>Jan 9, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">169768</a>: Cannot add external library if JRE dialog has selection<br>
<a href="">170706</a>: keywords not externalized<br>
<a href="">169565</a>: NPE in JDIDebugTarget when querying supportsInstanceRetrieval<br>
<a href="">78960</a>: watch expression testStepping fails<br>
<a href="">169683</a>: javadoc warning in N20070105-0010<br>
<a href="">169066</a>: Removing a watch from the Expressions fails<br>
<a href="">169104</a>: Debug setting &quot;SuspendOnUncaughtExceptions&quot; saved with wrong key<br>
<a href="">167638</a>: [launching] main method search for launching returns types without main methods<br>
<a href="">168090</a>: Anonymous Inner Class Breakpoint Canceled by Other<br>
<h2>3.3 M4 - Dec 15, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">167740</a>: [variables] [views] New/Edit details formatter menu should not be available on array types<br>
<a href="">167651</a>: [vms] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException editing a source location<br>
<a href="">168455</a>: provider name not provided in jdt.launching plugin<br>
<a href="">163376</a>: JRE container is not initialized<br>
<a href="">152962</a>: CCE in JREsPreferencePage.getCurrentCompilerCompliance(..)<br>
<a href="">153796</a>: [breakpoints] can set more than one breakpoint on line<br>
<a href="">167531</a>: Javadoc warnings in I20061211-1607<br>
<a href="">165988</a>: TcpipSpy borked<br>
<h2>Dec 11, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">167244</a>: &quot;Exception occurred: Evaluation failed - thread not suspended..&quot; in Variables view<br>
<a href="">167182</a>: JDIDebugTarget.handleDebugEvents not using getAdapter when identifying the event source<br>
<a href="">166976</a>: [jres] JRE container classpath entries not computed properly per project<br>
<a href="">166290</a>: [views] contended locks and monitors should support ITerminate and ISuspendResume<br>
<a href="">152962</a>: CCE in JREsPreferencePage.getCurrentCompilerCompliance(..)<br>
<h2>Dec 6, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">163444</a>: Associate access restrictions with execution environments<br>
<a href="">166689</a>: [plugins] the jdt.debug plugins should be save participants<br>
<a href="">165845</a>: com.sun.jdi.event.MethodExitEvent.returnValue() not working properly<br>
<h2>Nov 28, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">165223</a>: Starting SDK with a 1.6 VM doesn't set the compiler preferences to 6.0<br>
<a href="">164703</a>: testEclusiveScopedException and testMultiExclusiveScopedExceptionMissed fail on IBM Java2 1.5.0<br>
<h2>Nov 21, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">163463</a>: Template method call needed in JDIDebugTarget.createThread<br>
<a href="">148424</a>: VM Capabilities only available from Target<br>
<a href="">164476</a>: division by zero error selecting columns<br>
<a href="">16929</a>: [evaluation] Eval: should have got runtime NPE<br>
<a href="">164471</a>: NPE when sending a message to &quot;null&quot; in expression eval<br>
<a href="">158280</a>: CCE in JDIObjectValue.getEnclosingObject<br>
<a href="">162589</a>: &quot;Run As&quot; not enabling &quot;Java Application&quot; for Inner class &quot;main&quot; method unless outer class also has main<br>
<a href="">162752</a>: [details] support details for multi-dimensional string arrays<br>
<a href="">164650</a>: thread groups should implement ITerminate<br>
<h2>Nov 14, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">164548</a>: vm name background is always white<br>
<a href="">163836</a>: StackOverflowError in JavaLaunchableTester.hasMainInChildren(..)<br>
<a href="">164376</a>: NPE in JavaDetailFormatterManager<br>
<a href="">164359</a>: NPE retrieving instance id for null value<br>
<h2>Nov 6, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">163463</a>: Template method call needed in JDIDebugTarget.createThread<br>
<a href="">162902</a>: [jres] &quot;cancel&quot; button should probably be &quot;stop&quot; for JRE search<br>
<a href="">162899</a>: [jres] Initial size of &quot;add jre dialog&quot; is too narrow<br>
<h2>3.3 Milestone 3 - Nov 3, 2006</h2>
<a href="">153913</a>: step over action becomes disabled<br>
<a href="">161243</a>: details for multi-dimensional arrays<br>
<a href="">162366</a>: org.eclipse.jdt.debug.tests.testSimpleStepFilter/testInactiveStepFilter depend on VM behavior<br>
<a href="">162675</a>: Javadoc warnings in N20061028-0010<br>
<a href="">162665</a>: Warnings in N20061028-0010<br>
<a href="">162368</a>: Include JRockit-internal classes in the default step filters<br>
<h2>Oct 24, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">161895</a>: Compile errors in N20061022-0010<br>
<a href="">161537</a>: JDT/UI test failures in N20061018-0010<br>
<a href="">152539</a>: Usability: Hot code replace failed dialog is a little panic-inducing<br>
<a href="">157907</a>: [variables view] Preferences action should use PreferencesUtil to open pref pages<br>
<h2>Oct 10, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">160129</a>: Chkpii error in latest build<br>
<h2>Oct 3, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">159815</a>: isRemote(...) test performed 5 times for each variable selection<br>
<a href="">160006</a>: Chkpii error in latest build<br>
<h2>Sept 22, 2006 - Milestone 2</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">157042</a>: [java 1.6] Need way to input counts for all instances / references<br>
<a href="">157489</a>: Package &quot;org.eclipse.jdt.internal.debug.ui.variables&quot; not exported<br>
<a href="">39222</a>: [java launching] Renaming my installed JREs broke all my launch configs<br>
<a href="">157467</a>: Not able to add breakpoints to a static initializer<br>
<a href="">155123</a>: Error message in the log from implementing an extension<br>
<h2>Sept 11, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">156320</a>: Unchecked conversion from IJavaDebugTarget to JDIDebugTarget<br>
<a href="">153793</a>: JavaJRETab.checkCompliance() logs message when project is closed<br>
<a href="">153472</a>: [all references] CCE selecting variable with null value<br>
<h2>Aug 14, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">152572</a>: PDE Tools &gt; Update Classpath... creates wrong warning when no perfect match<br>
<h2>Aug 10, 2006 - Milestone 1</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">74854</a>: [breakpoints] Ctrl+B should set a method breakpoint if invoked from the method signature<br>
<a href="">152446</a>: Problem with multiples JREs<br>
<a href="">151517</a>: [breakpoints] Can't set Class Load Breakpoint like other breakpoints<br>
<a href="">149999</a>: Use ComboFieldEditor from JFace<br>
<a href="">124147</a>: [jres] Changing installed JRE doesn't warn when compiler compliance is not compatible<br>
<a href="">152962</a>: CCE in JREsPreferencePage.getCurrentCompilerCompliance(..)<br>
<a href="">152964</a>: Wrong error about incompatible JRE in launch configuration dialog<br>
<a href="">153256</a>: 'Add JRE' dialog layout problems<br>
<a href="">139195</a>: [breakpoints] Error on Toggle method breakpoint in external .java file<br>
<a href="">153336</a>: [breakpoints] translateToMembers is called too many times<br>
<h2>July 31, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">151996</a>: OpenTypeAction source lookup performance<br>
<a href="">151709</a>: JRE tab should show what JRE is bound to an EE<br>
<a href="">151474</a>: Minor tweaks to the VM Capabilities property page<br>
<a href="">151586</a>: thread label problem for suspend on compilation error<br>
<a href="">151570</a>: Java stack trace console: NPE in FormatStackTraceActionDelegate<br>
<a href="">149874</a>: JUnit Launcher duplicates classpath entries<br>
<a href="">141570</a>: [variables] CCE when array partition part of multi-selection<br>
<a href="">138877</a>: Unable to locate source when clicking in console<br>
<h2>July 18, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">150563</a>: Unused NLS message warning<br>
<a href="">147743</a>: [console] New icon for stack trace &quot;auto format&quot; toggle<br>
<a href="">148985</a>: use new API JavaUI.openInEditor<br>
<h2>July 11, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">149356</a>: Remove JavaElementPropertyTester<br>
<a href="">149356</a>: [help] the new VM capabilities property page has no help topic<br>
<h2>July 4, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">133725</a>: [java launching] Add External Jars dialog does not check if the jar file actually exists<br>
<a href="">148918</a>: [jre] remove discouraged access warnings in AddVMDialog<br>
<a href="">149491</a>: cannot create watchpoints on final or static final members<br>
<h2>June 27, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">141329</a>: vm disconnect when terminating target with thread groups showing<br>
<a href="">147777</a>: mirrorOfVoid() to appear on VirtualMachine<br>
<a href="">148362</a>: DisplayView registers Ctrl+Space globally<br>
<a href="">145592</a>: Debugger gets confused with watchpoints on fields with the same name.<br>
<a href="">145350</a>: JDI Enhancements for Java 6.0<br>
<a href="">145362</a>: JDI test suite needs to be updated for 1.6 tests<br>
<a href="">147773</a>: [debugger] determineIfDaemon throws exception<br>
<a href="">24484</a>: [jres] VM Properties<br>
<a href="">148247</a>: [launching] Creating launching configurations doesn't use the selected class anymore<br>
<h2>June 20, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">42399</a>: [java debug] JDI Java thread has no daemon property<br>
<a href="">140126</a>: [evaluation] CompletionContext shouldn't be instantiated by clients of JDT/Core API<br>
<a href="">139152</a>: [preferences] Java-&gt;Debug preference page validates uninitialized fields<br>
<a href="">132671</a>: [variables] Error dialog after clicking into value field<br>
<a href="">143286</a>: [display view] wrong name for viewaction<br>
<a href="">147116</a>: [Context Help] missing F1 help for console actions<br>
<a href="">140109</a>: [help] Dynamic help is not displayed in the Working Directory of Launch configuration Arguments tab<br>
<a href="">140107</a>: [applet] [help] The context help of Java applet configuration could not be found<br>
<a href="">147484</a>: broken Find/Replace context menu label in Display view<br>
<a href="">90768</a>: [console] Java Stack Trace Console: Option to format per default<br>
<a href="">146825</a>: [console] NPE in process console participant<br>
<a href="">146648</a>: Code Clean up.<br>
<a href="">138864</a>: [variables] IllegalArgumentException while updating variables view<br>
<h2>June 13, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">146899</a>: test failure on JavaSE6 - ExecutionEnvironmentTests.testAnalyze<br>
<a href="">119860</a>: [evaluation] NPE from watch expression<br>
<a href="">139089</a>: [breakpoints] NPE in JavaBreakpoint.fireRemoved () shutting down eclipse with Java Debug session running<br>
<a href="">142842</a>: [breakpoints] ToggleLineBreakpoint: Invalid thread access<br>