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<title>Java Debug Release Notes</title>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Oct 29, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">25151</a>: Missing mneumonics on "Edit Detail Formatter", "New Detail Formatter"<br>
<a href="">25243</a>: Missing on "Edit Detail Formatter", "New Detail Formatter" expressions<br>
<a href="">24720</a>: ReferenceTypeImpl performance issue<br>
<a href="">1611</a>: Console preferences (1GETAZ6)<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Oct 22, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">24828</a>: Applet launcher - parameters tab<br>
<a href="">24879</a>: UI freezes when switching to the Deadlock view<br>
<a href="">23723</a>: Quick link to "formatter"<br>
<a href="">24721</a>: Bug fixing link off of JDT Debug page is broken<br>
<a href="">24852</a>: Title of Select Type dialog incorrect off of Add Detail Formatter<br>
<a href="">24855</a>: Removing multiple entries in the Detail Formatter pref page causes flash<br>
<a href="">24857</a>: Detail Formatters preference page does not resize correctly<br>
<a href="">24854</a>: Detail formatters need to be ordered<br>
<a href="">24853</a>: Possible to add a deatil formatter for the same type more than once<br>
<a href="">24859</a>: Primitive types not handled well in detail formatter<br>
<a href="">23612</a>: Build triggered if change source attachment for a JRE system library<br>
<a href="">24516</a>: JDT debug test failures<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Oct 16, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">23186</a>: Applet viewer should be part of SDK<br>
<a href="">24767</a>: Spurious 'Save changes' dialog for applet launch configs<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Oct 15, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">24479</a>: PacketSendManager terminates early<br>
<a href="">1694</a>: FEATURE: Contributed inspection formatter (1GJ4MUE)<br>
<a href="">24302</a>: Problems with non-externalized String warnings<br>
<a href="">24463</a>: JDI Primitive values #type()<br>
<a href="">24466</a>: Bad behavior for StackFrameImpl.getValues(List)<br>
<a href="">24547</a>: Found JREs get removed<br>
<a href="">24389</a>: Removing installed VMs doesn't work<br>
<a href="">24579</a>: Deadlock on first checkout of java project<br>
<a href="">24103</a>: NPE trying to open launch configs<br>
<a href="">22390</a>: IBM 1.4 VMs don't have rt.jar<br>
<a href="">24464</a>: Check for not compatible values in the JDI client<br>
<a href="">21895</a>: Javadoc URL is lost after restart<br>
<a href="">24399</a>: Launch Config working set gray checked does not turn to unchecked<br>
<a href="">24218</a>: JDIDebugUIAdapterFactory hides JDT UI's IWorkbenchAdapter<br>
<a href="">24424</a>: Debug test failures<br>
<a href="">18627</a>: Adding a project to the classpath should add the exported contents of the project<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Oct 8, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="
PacketSendManager terminates early24236">24236</a>: Monitor view not cleared on resume<br>
<a href="">20021</a>: Importing preferences loses added JREs<br>
<a href="">24284</a>: Javadoc for new 2.1 types in launching<br>
<a href="">3536</a>: Support to search for JDK installations (1G5HPND)<br>
<a href="">24321</a>: VM names should not be allowed to have slashes<br>
<a href="">23906</a>: Launch Default JRE shouldn't show the path to JDK, but rather its registered name<br>
<a href="">24285</a>: Workspace rebuild on first preference export<br>
<a href="">24297</a>: NPE after closing "VM does not support HCR" dialog<br>
<a href="">24260</a>: Run configuration Program Parameters don't allow empty parameters<br>
<a href="">1736</a>: Feature: Smart "step-into" (1GKQHSY)<br>
<a href="">23565</a>: Code assist in conditional expression<br>
<a href="">24387</a>: "Detected VM" is bad name<br>
<a href="">24367</a>: LaunchingPlugin.buildProjects<br>
<a href="">23179</a>: Review JDI implementation for differences/shortcuts based on the JDI spec<br>
<a href="">24094</a>: Scoped Java Exception Breakpoint not working?<br>
<a href="">24462</a>: PacketReceiveManager.getCommand(...)<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Oct 1, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">23690</a>: Variable view show old instance<br>
<a href="">21489</a>: Debugger does not find source<br>
<a href="">8693</a>: Evaluation completing on shutdown starts loading plugins<br>
<a href="">24105</a>: JRE container should also use extension directory<br>
<a href="">21622</a>: handling disconnect/communication error<br>
<a href="">1525</a>: Feature: Locks and Monitors (1G3A7ZH)<br>
<a href="">1576</a>: Remove all terminated action inefficient (1GDW2Z3)<br>
<a href="">23965</a>: Cannot resume VM after 'Suspend VM' breakpoint is hit<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Sept 24, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">23905</a>: Bad behavior of the remove button in the detail formatters page<br>
<a href="">23706</a>: Code assist in the 'detail formatters' preference page<br>
<a href="">23716</a>: Reporting "formatter errors"<br>
<a href="">23835</a>: JDI version incorrect<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Sept 19, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">23496</a>: Eval: API change in the java AST model<br>
<a href="">23408</a>: Externalize JavaUISourceLocator.SourceLookupDialog<br>
<a href="">23630</a>: Terminate button disabled after highlighing text in console<br>
<a href="">23423</a>: runtime eclipse does not come up - VMDisconnectException<br>
<a href="">23735</a>: Array Index out of bounds<br>
<a href="">23762</a>: NPE - variable details stop showing<br>
<a href="">22975</a>: Instance filters on breakpoints<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Sept 17, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">23173</a>: NPE in the TcpIpSpy for JDWP replay packets with incorrect id<br>
<a href="">23388</a>: IJavaType does not implement equals<br>
<a href="">1552</a>: Method entry breakpoints and source types (1GC138W)<br>
<a href="">23034</a>: Install JRE preference : problem switching between standart vm and standart 1.1.x vm<br>
<a href="">5500</a>: No Stop In Main Option<br>
<a href="">23568</a>: Ctrl-Space is not working in the Scrapbook<br>
<a href="">7999</a>: Source lookup with Runtime JRE<br>
<a href="">23610</a>: StandardVMType matches on MacOSX even if it shouldn't<br>
<a href="">19741</a>: Default class/source path show project JRE, not config (README)<br>
<a href="">23471</a>: Eval: possible wrong static/non-static context<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Sept 10, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">22460</a>: HotSwap failure dialog does not give reason for failure<br>
<a href="">22482</a>: Conditional breakpoint with suspend VM does not show threads suspended<br>
<a href="">22843</a>: Scrapbook broken in 2.1<br>
<a href="">22081</a>: AST Exp Eval: variable declaration don't work for array type variables<br>
<a href="">19349</a>: Debug exception on step if var selected and detail pane visible<br>
<a href="">22944</a>: "Suspend VM" conditional breakpoints don't resume the VM<br>
<a href="">21769</a>: Invalid code index stepping in junit code<br>
<a href="">23040</a>: JDIThread breaks caching for stacks of same depth<br>
<a href="">23012</a>: Exception Occured while launching<br>
<a href="">10670</a>: Support for JDI v 1.3<br>
<a href="">22908</a>: ClassCastException from conditional breakpoint [evaluation]<br>
<a href="">22877</a>: BufWriter and VerboseWriter are not in the right package<br>
<a href="">10651</a>: JDI client uses Vector where does not appear to be needed<br>
<a href="">22477</a>: JDI: Method#locationsOfLine and Method#allLineLocations with abstract and native methods<br>
<a href="">1582</a>: Resume should do the stepping trick to reuse state (1GE4NE9)<br>
<a href="">20869</a>: Method breakpoints make debugger run 50 times slower<br>
<a href="">23171</a>: Method entry breakpoints on abstract methods<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Aug 27, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">21506</a>: Keyboard shortcut for duplicate launch configuration needed<br>
<a href="">20901</a>: Terminate debug target when >1 running causes concurrent exception<br>
<a href="">21625</a>: Can we be more helpful when there is no line number information<br>
<a href="">22543</a>: Array initialization with primitive types fails<br>
<a href="">22610</a>: HCR of anonymous classes loses breakpoints<br>
<a href="">22664</a>: Variables view should remember expansion<br>
<a href="">21772</a>: toString evaluation for multiple members at once<br>
<a href="">22719</a>: step filtering configuration should allow for multiple selection and recursive masks<br>
<a href="">21119</a>: run as java app: no qualification for types<br>
<a href="">22469</a>: False "no line number attributes" error?<br>
<a href="">22656</a>: Java popup menu items missing from debug action group<br>
<a href="">22244</a>: Innappropriate error dialog terminating debug target while Inspect eval running<br>
<a href="">21878</a>: Feature: Exception breakpoints - option to ignore packages/classes/methods/lines<br>
<a href="">22195</a>: Limit displayed launch configurations to those relevant to the current project<br>
<a href="">22842</a>: NPE adding variable to view<br>
<a href="">22397</a>: JVM runtime memory size on scrapbook runner<br>
<a href="">22599</a>: Breakpoints view: Go to File doesn't work for JSP files<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Aug 13, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">21982</a>: Feature: Ability to stop evaluation<br>
<a href="">8334</a>: Evaluation fails message in the Display view from Expressions view<br>
<a href="">21579</a>: Should improve UI for 'default' JREs<br>
<a href="">17830</a>: Should allow multiple exception breakpoints for one class<br>
<a href="">17491</a>: Display problem in the Variables View<br>
<a href="">20852</a>: "Launch Configurations" window doesn't always give an appropriate message<br>
<a href="">4084</a>: Open on decl/rec type bug<br>
<a href="">5516</a>: Open on... should open a type hierarchy<br>
<a href="">6660</a>: Feature: Hover over breakpoints give line number<br>
<a href="">7202</a>: Detail area does not respect "primitive type display" prefs<br>
<a href="">17409</a>: Clear JDI cache on termination<br>
<a href="">22006</a>: Exception breakpoints - can't scope to default package<br>
<a href="">22107</a>: STATE change event should only "update"<br>
<a href="">22005</a>: Review UI runnables<br>
<a href="">22316</a>: Deadlock on shutdown if evaluation suspended at breakpoint<br>
<a href="">22199</a>: Delay hotswap attempt on compilation error<br>
<a href="">21776</a>: Evaluate action enabled for non-java stack frames<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
Aug 06, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">21518</a>: Debugger source lookup problem when debugging against Wireless Toolkit (WTK) 1.04<br>
<a href="">1765</a>: "this" displayed with default protection (1GLE801)<br>
<a href="">12480</a>: AST Exp Eval: loop statements are not implemented<br>
<a href="">12482</a>: AST Exp Eval: variable declaration statement is not implemented<br>
<a href="">21197</a>: Don't hard code the editor id names for the ManageBreakpointRulerActionDelegate<br>
<a href="">21389</a>: Breakpoint Properties: Add Package should allow multi-select<br>
<a href="">21390</a>: Breakpoint Properties: Add Class, Package missing '...'<br>
<a href="">21460</a>: The "Add Java Exception Breakpoint" dialog displays NPE twice.<br>
<a href="">21630</a>: Extra jdwp requests: getValues(List)<br>
<a href="">22048</a>: NPE in JDIStackFrame<br>
<a href="">21070</a>: Usability: Add Exception Breakpoint dialog<br>
<a href="">21247</a>: Eclipse doesn't detect Blackdown VM<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
July 30, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">21792</a>: vm arguments ending with a backslash cause problems<br>
<a href="">12966</a>: Remote debugging with Sun J2ME Wireless Toolkit fails<br>
<a href="">21400</a>: Loss of member details in text of Breakpoints<br>
<a href="">18943</a>: Same snippet editor, two different windows (README)<br>
<a href="">1559</a>: Debugger doesn't pop to front when breakpoint hit (1GD7P7D)<br>
<a href="">18923</a>: Error on first attempt to use moved scrapbook page<br>
<a href="">18927</a>: Copied scrapbook page uses some "old" information<br>
<a href="">21010</a>: Use getAdapter when converting IJavaThread to JDIThread<br>
<a href="">21170</a>: NPE in RuntimeClasspathEntry if internal source archive removed<br>
<a href="">21636</a>: Extra jdwp requests: ReferenceType of ObjectReference must be cached<br>
<a href="">21801</a>: ThreadGroupReference related data should be cached<br>
<a href="">21803</a>: UI hangs after an evaluation in the display view<br>
<a href="">21433</a>: JRE_LIB container entry and JRE names clash<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
Java Debug</h1>
July 16, 2002
Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">21099</a>: HCR failed dialog - default control is wrong<br>
<a href="">18722</a>: Projects re-build when not required<br>
<a href="">18792</a>: Minor: caught/uncaught only enabled for single selection<br>
<a href="">20260</a>: TVT2: corrupted characters in java prefs page<br>
<a href="">20417</a>: ManageBreakpointActionDelegate.selectionChanged causes NullPointerException<br>
<a href="">21483</a>: Error from ClassPrepareEvent when debugging WTK<br>
<a href="">21305</a>: Debug element rendering can be more rebust<br>
<a href="">21308</a>: Method.isObsolete() broken for method ID 0 on JDK < 1.4<br>
<a href="">20469</a>: Concurrent modification of JDIDebugTarget breakpoint collection<br>
<a href="">21450</a>: Breakpoint hit in parent's class method instead of class method<br>