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<project default="export">
<!-- Set the timestamp and important properties -->
<target name="init">
<property name="destdir" value="../../../../plugin-export" />
<property name="plugins" value="org.eclipse.ant.core, org.eclipse.ant.ui, org.eclipse.debug.core, org.eclipse.debug.ui, org.eclipse.jdt.debug, org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui, org.eclipse.jdt.launching, org.eclipse.jdt.launching.j9, org.eclipse.ui.console, org.eclipse.ui.externaltools" />
<target name="export" depends="init">
<!--destination: fully qualifed path for exported artifacts (required)-->
<!--plugins: comma delineated listing of plugins to export (if a plugin does not exist, it is ignored) (defaults to all shared plugins)-->
<!--exportType: can be dir, jar or zip (defaults to dir if not supplied)-->
<!--exportSource: whether or not to export source with the plugin (defaults to false if not supplied)-->
plugins= "${plugins}"
destination= "${destdir}" />