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<title>Java Debug Release Notes</title>
<h1>Eclipse 3.3 Java Debug Build Notes&nbsp;</h1>
<h2>Summary of API changes in 3.3</h2>
<li>added <code>IJavaThread.isDaemon()</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaDebugTarget.supportsInstanceRetreival()</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaReferenceType.getInstances(int max)</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaObject.getReferringObjects(int max)</code></li>
<li>added <code>IJavaDebugUIConstants.PREF_ALLINSTANCES_MAX_COUNT</code> and <code>IJavaDebugUIConstants.PREF_ALLREFERENCES_MAX_COUNT</code></li>
<h2>Sept 22, 2006 - Milestone 2</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">157042</a>: [java 1.6] Need way to input counts for all instances / references<br>
<a href="">157489</a>: Package &quot;org.eclipse.jdt.internal.debug.ui.variables&quot; not exported<br>
<a href="">39222</a>: [java launching] Renaming my installed JREs broke all my launch configs<br>
<a href="">157467</a>: Not able to add breakpoints to a static initializer<br>
<a href="">155123</a>: Error message in the log from implementing an extension<br>
<h2>Sept 11, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">156320</a>: Unchecked conversion from IJavaDebugTarget to JDIDebugTarget<br>
<h2>Aug 14, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">152572</a>: PDE Tools &gt; Update Classpath... creates wrong warning when no perfect match<br>
<h2>Aug 10, 2006 - Milestone 1</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">74854</a>: [breakpoints] Ctrl+B should set a method breakpoint if invoked from the method signature<br>
<a href="">152446</a>: Problem with multiples JREs<br>
<a href="">151517</a>: [breakpoints] Can't set Class Load Breakpoint like other breakpoints<br>
<a href="">149999</a>: Use ComboFieldEditor from JFace<br>
<a href="">124147</a>: [jres] Changing installed JRE doesn't warn when compiler compliance is not compatible<br>
<a href="">152962</a>: CCE in JREsPreferencePage.getCurrentCompilerCompliance(..)<br>
<a href="">152964</a>: Wrong error about incompatible JRE in launch configuration dialog<br>
<a href="">153256</a>: 'Add JRE' dialog layout problems<br>
<a href="">139195</a>: [breakpoints] Error on Toggle method breakpoint in external .java file<br>
<a href="">153336</a>: [breakpoints] translateToMembers is called too many times<br>
<h2>July 31, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">151996</a>: OpenTypeAction source lookup performance<br>
<a href="">151709</a>: JRE tab should show what JRE is bound to an EE<br>
<a href="">151474</a>: Minor tweaks to the VM Capabilities property page<br>
<a href="">151586</a>: thread label problem for suspend on complilation error<br>
<a href="">151570</a>: Java stack trace console: NPE in FormatStackTraceActionDelegate<br>
<a href="">149874</a>: JUnit Launcher duplicates classpath entries<br>
<a href="">141570</a>: [variables] CCE when array partition part of multi-selection<br>
<a href="">138877</a>: Unable to locate source when clicking in console<br>
<h2>July 18, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">150563</a>: Unused NLS message warning<br>
<a href="">147743</a>: [console] New icon for stack trace &quot;auto format&quot; toggle<br>
<a href="">148985</a>: use new API JavaUI.openInEditor<br>
<h2>July 11, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">149356</a>: Remove JavaElementPropertyTester<br>
<a href="">149356</a>: [help] the new VM capabilities property page has no help topic<br>
<h2>July 4, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">133725</a>: [java launching] Add External Jars dialog does not check if the jar file actually exists<br>
<a href="">148918</a>: [jre] remove discouraged access warnings in AddVMDialog<br>
<a href="">149491</a>: cannot create watchpoints on final or static final members<br>
<h2>June 27, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">141329</a>: vm disconnect when terminating target with thread groups showing<br>
<a href="">147777</a>: mirrorOfVoid() to appear on VirtualMachine<br>
<a href="">148362</a>: DisplayView registers Ctrl+Space globally<br>
<a href="">145592</a>: Debugger gets confused with watchpoints on fields with the same name.<br>
<a href="">145350</a>: JDI Enhancements for Java 6.0<br>
<a href="">145362</a>: JDI test suite needs to be updated for 1.6 tests<br>
<a href="">147773</a>: [debugger] determineIfDaemon throws exception<br>
<a href="">24484</a>: [jres] VM Properties<br>
<a href="">148247</a>: [launching] Creating launching configurations doesn't use the selected class anymore<br>
<h2>June 20, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">42399</a>: [java debug] JDI Java thread has no daemon property<br>
<a href="">140126</a>: [evaluation] CompletionContext shouldn't be instanciated by clients of JDT/Core API<br>
<a href="">139152</a>: [preferences] Java-&gt;Debug preference page validates uninitialized fields<br>
<a href="">132671</a>: [variables] Error dialog after clicking into value field<br>
<a href="">143286</a>: [display view] wrong name for viewaction<br>
<a href="">147116</a>: [Context Help] missing F1 help for console actions<br>
<a href="">140109</a>: [help] Dynamic help is not displayed in the Working Directory of Launch configuration Arguments tab<br>
<a href="">140107</a>: [applet] [help] The context help of Java applet configuration could not be found<br>
<a href="">147484</a>: broken Find/Replace context menu label in Display view<br>
<a href="">90768</a>: [console] Java Stack Trace Console: Option to format per default<br>
<a href="">146825</a>: [console] NPE in process console participant<br>
<a href="">146648</a>: Code Clean up.<br>
<a href="">138864</a>: [variables] IllegalArgumentException while updating variables view<br>
<h2>June 13, 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">146899</a>: test failure on JavaSE6 - ExecutionEnvironmentTests.testAnalyze<br>
<a href="">119860</a>: [evaluation] NPE from watch expression<br>
<a href="">139089</a>: [breakpoints] NPE in JavaBreakpoint.fireRemoved () shutting down eclipse with Java Debug session running<br>
<a href="">142842</a>: [breakpoints] ToggleLineBreakpoint: Invalid thread access<br>