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<title>Java Debug Release Notes</title>
<h1>Eclipse 3.4 Java Debug Build Notes</h1>
<h2>Summary of API changes in 3.4</h2>
<h2>3.4 M1 - August 10, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">125673</a>: Bug 125673 &ndash; [evaluation] Improve error message for method invocation on manually suspended threads<br>
<a href="">198404</a>: Bug 198404 &ndash; compilation errors in refactoring tests<br>
<h2>July 31, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">196835</a>: Bug 196835 &ndash; variable id not shown for String variables<br>
<a href="">183800</a>: [launching] Discard changes question dialog on run dialog does give no real choice<br>
<a href="">197011</a>: Add JRE fails to retain system library modifications.<br>
<a href="">196940</a>: Add Watchpoint: NPE encountered<br>
<a href="">195848</a>: Add Java Exception Breakpoint dialog should use JavaUI#createTypeDialog(..)<br>
<a href="">188676</a>: [breakpoints] BreakpointMarkerUpdater moves line breakpoint to wrong position<br>
<a href="">195185</a>: Cannot debug java class<br>
<a href="">129066</a>: [breakpoints] Breakpoint view shows multiple breakpoints with same line number<br>
<a href="">140660</a>: Debug View Actions (such as Show System Threads) should be Java-specific<br>
<h2>July 17, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">42173</a>: [jres] Bad generated name for JREs<br>
<a href="">79529</a>: [java debug] Step Into Outermost method invocation<br>
<a href="">177556</a>: [messages] remove internal error messages from translations<br>
<a href="">181003</a>: Default watchpoint settings should be configurable<br>
<h2>July 10, 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">64663</a>: [variables] &quot;Variables&gt;Change Value&quot; should accept hex value<br>
<a href="">33452</a>: [evaluation] [README] ObjectCollectedException evaluating conditional breakpoint<br>
<a href="">132764</a>: [jres] VM type element with unknown id message in the log using I0321-1210<br>
<a href="">193488</a>: org.eclipse.jdt.debug.test.stepping.StepIntoSelectionTests depend on VM behavior<br>
<a href="">85780</a>: SWT support &quot;hidden&quot; widgets<br>
<a href="">191559</a>: TVT33:TCT623: pl: Instance Breakpoint Filter Selection window<br>
<a href="">29855</a>: [jres] Ampersands in file name create mnemonics when scanning for JREs<br>
<a href="">33714</a>: [evaluation] AstEvaluationEngine cache<br>
<a href="">191486</a>: [breakpoints] Alt+Enter for java breakpoint properties command is throws exceptions<br>
<a href="">28304</a>: [variables] UnsupportedOperationException report to user on toString on WTK<br>
<a href="">190875</a>: help id associated with wrong widget on two pref pages<br>
<a href="">191389</a>: TVT33:TCT636: ja: No mnemonic for &quot;Step through filters&quot;<br>
<a href="">191486</a>: [breakpoints] Alt+Enter for java breakpoint properties command is throws exceptions<br>
<a href="">193783</a>: JDT Launching duplicates method newDocument from DebugPlugin<br>
<a href="">193835</a>: Should not attempt to select filtered stack frame<br>
<a href="">46991</a>: Failing debug test<br>
<a href="">191387</a>: TVT33:TCT626: pl: functional: Up button does not work correctly<br>
<a href="">173890</a>: [launching] can't debug premain<br>
<a href="">188555</a>: Go to source action is disabled for exception breakpoints added from console<br>
<a href="">190492</a>: JRE preference page does not scale correctly<br>