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  1. ce82e59 Bug 548272 - [13] Update ASTView and JEView Marketplace Entries by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 3 days ago master I20191213-1805 I20191214-1800
  2. 72548c9 Bug 259247 - [quick assist] a?b:c conditional inside parenthesis by Kenneth Styrberg · 9 days ago I20191210-1800 I20191211-0135 I20191211-1805 I20191212-1800 I20191213-0155
  3. 59f47d9 Update bundle version for jdt.ui, jdt.core.manipulation, jdt.ui.tests by Roland Grunberg · 5 days ago
  4. 46e2831 Bug 553742 - POM and product version change for 4.15 release by Niraj Modi · 9 days ago I20191209-1130 I20191209-1310 I20191209-1600 I20191209-2205 I20191210-0230
  5. 713a6f1 Bug 553693: [code mining] Add link to Text Editors preference page by Noopur Gupta · 12 days ago I20191203-1800 I20191204-0600 I20191204-1800 I20191210-0610 S4_14_0_RC2 S4_14_0_RC2a

Contributing to JDT UI - Java development tools UI

Thanks for your interest in this project.

Project description:

The JDT UI implements the user interface for the Java IDE. This includes views like Package Explorer and JUnit, the Java and properties files editors, Java search, and refactorings. Website:

How to contribute:

Contributions to JDT UI are most welcome. There are many ways to contribute, from entering high quality bug reports, to contributing code or documentation changes. For a complete guide, see the [How to Contribute] 1 page on the team wiki.

Developer resources:

Information regarding source code management, builds, coding standards, and more.

Contributor License Agreement:

Before your contribution can be accepted by the project, you need to create and electronically sign the Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement (CLA).


Public forum for Eclipse JDT users.

Search for bugs:

This project uses Bugzilla to track ongoing development and issues.

Create a new bug:

Be sure to search for existing bugs before you create another one. Remember that contributions are always welcome!


Contact the project developers via the project's “dev” list.


Eclipse Public License (EPL) v2.0