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  1. eclipse-signing-maven-plugin/
  2. jetty-artifact-remote-resources/
  3. jetty-assembly-descriptors/
  4. jetty-build-support/
  5. jetty-distribution-remote-resources/
  6. jetty-jsp-osgi/
  7. jetty-orbit-maven-plugin/
  8. jetty-osgi-servlet-api/
  9. jetty-perf-helper/
  10. jetty-schemas/
  11. jetty-setuid/
  12. jetty-test-helper/
  13. jetty-test-policy/
  14. jetty-toolchain/
  15. jetty-version-maven-plugin/
  16. jetty-xslt-tools/
  17. .gitignore
  18. pom.xml

Build Toolchain for the Eclipse Jetty Project build

The modules contained in this toolchain project change very infrequently and at different rates. Instead of re-releasing unchanged modules over and over to release a module in this project do the following:

cd jetty-test-helper    (cd into the project you want to release)
mvn -Peclipse-release -Dusername=<user> release:prepare
mvn release:perform

Then go to to close and release the project.

Should there be changes to the deployment locations or metadata you want to change deploy a new parent from the jetty.toolchain project and update the module you want to release pom.xml parent declaration. You don't need to update all of them and release when that happens, it will sort itself out when they need released.

Note, the tlp provided in this directory is purely to build everything if that is what you want to do, you can‘t release from the top level as that would mess up the per artifact tags and besides, the version on the tlp is amusingly direct that you don’t want to do that.

questions, ask jmcconnell in the #jetty channel on