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<title>Contributing JSP Source Page Editing Services for a Tag Library</title>
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<h1>Contributing JSP Source Page Editing Services for a Tag Library</h1>
The JSF Tooling Team has provided several frameworks for improving the user experience of developing JSP pages using the WTP SSE editor. The net result is that:</p>
<li>Content Assist</li>
<p>for the attribute values of a tag library have been provided and implemented for the JavaServer Faces standard tag libraries.</p>
<p>This has been accomplished by providing frameworks for <a href="./metadata_framework.html">supplying additional meta-data for tag libraries</a> that can be used with classes for <a href="./metadata_processing_framework.html">using the meta-data for providing source editing services.</a></p>
<p>Future releases of WTP, by using these frameworks, should allow for additional meta-data provided services like:</p>
<li>Quick Fix/Quick Assist</li>
<li>Others? Suggestions?</li>
<p>It is hoped that adopters will use these frameworks to provide improved source editing user experiences using tag libraries other than the JSF standard tag libraries.</p>