Bug 569656 Cache resolved types of JSF beans to make validation faster

- JDTTypeResolver caches each resolved type of a bean type
- JDTBeanIntrospector is using JDTTypeResolver to resolve types
- JDTBeanIntrospector is cached in TypeInfoCache
- JDTBeanIntrospector caches all methods of type so that it can be
resused for properties and methods
- JDTBeanIntrospector does no longer compute type hierarchy since this
is already cached in type info cache. Super types will be provided from
- Use cached JDTBeanIntrospector everywhere instead of creating new
instances of it
- AnnotationSearchRequestor uses cached JDTBeanIntrospector to resolve
annotations. It has a new white list of types that it will resolve

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Signed-off-by: Reto Weiss <reto.weiss@axonivy.com>
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