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<project default="run" name="promote.xml - Promote a build from build server to production server">
<target name="run">
To use this script, you must have configured a promote*.properties file.
Then, on, run commandline:
ant -f promote.xml
If you need to reuse this script with multiple properties files (eg., from
multiple Hudson builds across multiple branches), use the commandline
ant -f promote.xml
<property name="" value="" />
<property file="${}"/>
<!-- load build properties -->
<property file="" />
<property name="relengBuilderDir" value="${basedir}" />
<!-- invoke common promotion script (if run elsewhere, change relengCommonBuilderDir to correct path) -->
<property name="relengCommonBuilderDir" value="/opt/public/cbi/build/org.eclipse.dash.common.releng" />
<ant antfile="${relengCommonBuilderDir}/promote.xml" dir="${relengCommonBuilderDir}" />