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Java Workflow Tooling 1.2.0
JWT 1.2 contains bugfixes and stability improvements and will be
adapted to run on the Eclipse 4.2 platform
Java Workflow Tooling 1.1.0
JWT 1.1 contains several bugfixes
Java Workflow Tooling 1.0.0
JWT 1.0 contains several bugfixes
Java Workflow Tooling 0.7.0
JWT 0.7.0 features a separated meta model plugin, view data stored in a different file,
multiple view data per element, layout algorithms and many bug fixes:
206999 WONT generic event dispatcher
238259 FIXE Add extension point for views
215238 INVA Adapt simulator to changed namespaces
232953 INVA Problems with rights in Vista
248567 FIXE source out metamodel?
249916 FIXE extend/rewrite the converter
296235 FIXE converter from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0
297843 FIXE Ecore file not accessible for transformations
262786 DUPL Transformations from BPMN to JWT
277084 FIXE Export wizard should propose to save input model if necessary
297844 FIXE Adapt transformations to changes in the metamodel
298046 FIXE BPMN transformation generates files in version 0.6.0
205835 FIXE translate 'official' eclipse commands
215187 WONT problem with toolbar when converter is running
216458 INVA Mac installer does not work
248565 FIXE separate view-specific model content and support different view data
258401 WORK unable to add eddges (reference and/or activity) to workflow after it has run in AgilPro Simulator
258622 FIXE activity is not removed if it's deleted indirectly
258626 FIXE import workflow templates into existing workflows
258816 FIXE include layout algorithms
262357 WORK Extension point for marking activity nodes
263485 FIXE Reference activated instead of element
275874 WONT display datatypes in the data field on the overview page
279605 FIXE Open wizard when clicking on the JWT entry from the "sample" section of welcome page
285165 FIXE Apply layout algorithm does not work
294791 FIXE The screen was not correctly displayed, it was necessary to restart Eclipse
295572 FIXE New workflow model gets opened twice in workflow editor
295887 DUPL References are not built automatically within the workflow editor
296224 FIXE view data consistency check
296231 FIXE dynamic properties tab is not shown
296232 FIXE view dropdown text changes
296238 FIXE transition of plugins to 0.7.0
296241 FIXE regenerate view files for 0.7.0 metamodel
297482 FIXE exception in outline view
297945 FIXE wrong behavior after loading error
298035 FIXE Creating a new file does not open the newly created file
298036 FIXE Event has no icon in the palette
298039 FIXE Some more icons missing or not set correctly
298040 FIXE Several warnings from NLS and handler conflicts
298043 FIXE Aspects from 0.6.0 can not be loaded anymore
298044 FIXE JWT Examples need to be converted
298045 FIXE Views have strange behavior
298048 FIXE EPC View: Conf file could not be found
298053 FIXE check exported folders
296319 FIXE Store default values in conf-file
262021 WONT Make XPDL exported files compatible with Enhydra Shark
202259 WONT Data handling
249361 DUPL Migrate EMF templates to Ganymede
286920 FIXE HTML docu does not work when data without name exists
293986 FIXE Allow to open a workflow model that uses unknown Aspect extensions
296332 FIXE Views do not work anymore for outsourced metamodel
298038 DUPL UML Activity diagram view does not have own figures
276694 FIXE Only one external view in workflow editor possible
289035 FIXE "Save as" to new file does not save attached aspects
293939 FIXE Provide Logging Aspect sample
JWT Workflow Editor 0.6.0
205163 Pasting an object inside a SAN --> Object gets "strange" position
215634 flow templates don't include types
225704 Include generic properties
238883 show additional information in the status bar
241567 Typed metamodel extensions (Aspects)
244825 Transformations from JWT to STP-IM
247917 ExternalActions don't listen to model selection changes
248698 bug in uml view when process contains subprocesscall
249270 Integration of JWT to BPMN transformation
249274 improve the flow editor perspective
249333 activate multipropertytab only if additional tabs were registered to jwt-we
249335 bug when selecting a view in plugin mode
249437 Develop a new view editor
249911 Error in view selection toolbar element
250050 error when selected view was not found
251240 nullpointerexception cutting edges
251376 graphical outline viewer
251697 keep open flow in toolbar?
252932 Set of extensions for property Descriptor
253144 Add import and export transformations into the import and export Eclipse menu
254571 Replace jdom.jar dependency inclusion by a dependency to org.jdom provided by Orbit
256395 performance issues
256560 alileo issues
256563 NPE in modelcontentoutlinepage
256612 problem with view dropdown in toolbar label
256617 error loading external view files
256694 Add a graphical overview outline page
257195 Disable overview page
257224 Associate a custom palette factory to a view
257400 Allow to specify custom PropertySheet through dedicated extension point
257403 Views.displayObject() should return true by default
257404 Improve model load error handling for metamodel extensions
257698 npex in ExtensionPointNotifyChangedListener when closing flow
257725 It is not able to extend the editPart actions
257736 Dependancy to Sun JWM because of platform line separator
257942 Overlap in Shortcuts
258414 New Wizard: Change category
259390 NPE in export as XPDL
259476 JWT-Converter mentions build version
259578 Eclipse build base on is x gtk x86 whereas is a PPC
260233 Profile and Aspect development not possible in the new outline
260521 The "New..." wizard contains 2 categories "Java flow Tooling"
260704 Internationalize transformation plugins
261010 add examples to eclipse category
262781 Refactoring of XSL based transformations
262783 New view for EPCs
263241 FactoryRegistry as an extension point.
263959 Aspects cause many warnings
264149 Lanes in JWT to BPMN transformation
264172 New flow not opened when created
264849 Add support for drag'n'drop from other plugins into WE
265493 Add support for double click through an extension point
265805 Cannot install Xalan from p2 (JWT integration update site error)
266134 Conf Editor : Improve ecore urce loading
266277 In ConfEditor, unable to load EMF model
266279 Worflow editor does not open with Galileo M5
266465 Extraction of properties from Model (including aspect) to a .properties file
266821 Bad namespace in jwt2xpdl transformation
266875 "Switch view" widget is sometimes not displayed in toolbar
267029 input output data not correct
267600 BPMN to JWT Transformation
268172 Improve error handling in XPDL transfo
268301 [XPDl] ForkNode lved to Split XOR instead of Split AND
269412 UML AD-View with wrong figures
270135 "Open Type" widget for javaClass Application atbute
272132 Include line numbers in built classes
273077 NPE when trying to set method on Application
274812 Change license text for JWT Feature
274817 NLS missing for documentation plugin
274995 Move to ATL v3
275428 ClassNotFoundException in the ConfEditor
275639 Getting java.lang.NullPointerException in JWT View File
275878 created data doesn't show up in the palette
276320 ManageActivatedProfile UI : enable and disable buttons badly
276504 Fix loading of installed conf model from bundles
276680 Change name of conf-model editor
276689 Own icon for JWT Conf-model.editor
276703 Latest build shows new error
276704 Clean CVS before the official release
276888 error on activating perspective
277085 Error in JWT to BPMN transfo when no role/lane is associated to task
277086 Errors during transformations are silent
277436 Key bindings conflicts on @�$ with Danish keyboard layout
277670 set logging level to warn
277673 warning on start
278052 NLS messaging not clean in EPC view plugin
279275 Feature name should include (Incubation)
280239 Toolbar entries
280261 Reorganize plugin names
JWT Workflow Editor 0.5.0
[238879] add feedback figure when inserting objects
[238880] add shadow to figures
[214897] Colors in the graphical editor
[239408] Allow several routers
[225706] Extend views with different figures
[238259] Add extension point for views
[240499] Add of an extension point to customise PropertyEditor
[240502] Add an extension point for changeNotification
[221479] Language pack: French
[238405] drag and drop in the outline view
[238883] show additional information in the status bar
[248528] add extension point for additional property tabs
[248531] filter options for outline view
[248395] provide extension mechanism for custom editor sheets
Changed :
[201188] rewrite ReferenceEdge code
[207000] add offset to pasted objects
[238882] improve quality of several figures/figure icons
[238885] add external functions to context menu
[248529] put views and external actions in the toolbar into dropdowns
[248450] Remove info from toolbar and from WE completely
[201185] bug when manipulating reference-edges when the corresponding scope is not displayed
[201186] Problems handling connections
[205155] Edges are still displayed if resizing a StructuredActivityNode
[215151] bug when copying, cutting, pasting connections
[216521] cuttoclipboard acts as delete command
[221646] Load from URL does not work
[221647] �Save as� does not work
[223607] Ganymede: Unable to open files
[238402] Zoom problems: nullpointerexception and enablement error
[201193] add tutorial to plugin
[242203] Silent NullPointerException when cancelling New Workflow from Wizard
[241936] (catched) npe when setting an edge�s target
[241934] NullPointerException when switching between JWT and development Eclipse
[238884] exception when renaming elements which are not shown in the graphical editor
[238404] Aborting a drag of a scope from outline to editor affects the commandstack
[248532] create refelements on subprocess bug
[248534] bug when deleting referenced objects and their references at the same time
[248535] bug in dragndrop from outline to editor
+ many more small bugfixes
JWT Workflow Editor 0.4.0
- Feature: Integrated HTML documentation plugin
- Feature: Integrated BPEL code generation plugin
- Feature: A grid can be displayed (configurable via menu and preferences)
- Feature: Functions to graphically align model elements
- Feature: Guard is now directly selectable and editable via diect edit
- Feature: Guard trim/wrap/color settable in preferences
- Feature: Preference pages for appearance (font/color/other) added
- Feature: Improved overview sheet layout
- Feature: The current selection in the overview sheet is synchronized with the outline view
- Feature: The context menu is accessible in the overview sheet
- Feature: Packages that contain information are expanded automatically in the overview sheet on loading
- Feature: Wizards opened from overview sheet preselect the package which was selected in the overview sheet
- Feature: Added author and version to "create workflow wizard"
- Feature: Added "create package" button to wizards
- Feature: First activity tab is now closable
- Feature: Added option to create standard packages for applications/roles/data/datatypes to creation wizard
- Feature: Standard datatypes added to data wizard
- Feature: When the user wants to delete a still referenced element, the references can be automatically deleted as well
- Changed: File information now always displays full file path in overview sheet
- Changed: Icon dialog (wizards, properties) shows icon directory by default
- Changed: Removed open workflow entries from file menu in plugin mode
- Changed: Overview page always shows standard activity icon
- Changed: If an icon cannot be found, the standard icon of the corresponding type is shown
- Changed: The icon location can now be given relative to the eclipse root directory
- Changed: Changed some icons to free epl licensed icons
- Changed: Redesigned installer
- Bugfix: Toolbar is displayed correctly when creating a workflow using the wizard
- Bugfix: If a workflow file cannot be created or opened, a proper error message is displayed
- Bugfix: Overview sheet is updated when view is changed
- Bugfix: Error message if was not found is hard coded to prevent infinite loop
- Bugfix: The file path in the overview sheet is updated if it changes (e.g. 'save as')
- Bugfix: Fixed possible exception in delete buttons in overview sheet if selection is invalid
- Bugfix: Removed nullpointerexception in palette when deleting subpackages with entries
- Bugfix: Context menu entries cut/copy/paste/delete were never enabled
- Bugfix: "create child"/"create sibling" actions now work two times in a row without changing selection
- Bugfix: Some small fixes
- Metamodel: Removed version from EMF model namespaces
- Internal: Changed versioning scheme (1.4.0 -> 0.4.0)
- Internal: Updated converter to fit old and new versioning scheme
- Internal: Improved preference interface
- Internal: New package for miscellaneous files/packages
- Internal: Some structural refactoring
- Internal: Removed unnecessary dependencies
Known Issues:
- Cut/Copy to clipboard and Paste from clipboard may not always work as expected
- When Undo/Redo affects ReferenceEdges, the corresponding Activity must be opened
JWT Workflow Editor 0.3.0
- Metamodel: New fileversion attribute to model concept
- Metamodel: Model namespaces changed to "org.eclipse.jwt/1.3.0"
- Metamodel: GuardSpecifications are now read only
- Feature: Both plugin and RCP application now have a toolbar
- Feature: It is now possible to open multiple processes in a workflow
- Feature: New SubProcessCall element which links to another process
- Feature: Extension point 'menu' added for including plugins in menu/toolbar
- Feature: JWT adapted for Eclipse plugin mode
- Feature: Improved error handling when writing guard restrictions
- Feature: New plugin mode wizard which adds the new workflow file to a project
- Feature: New datatype wizard
- Feature: New package wizard
- Feature: Now it is possible to save a process as an image
- Feature: Zoom for processes
- Feature: Keybindings can now be defined using the preference page
- Changed: [agil-mod] project became [jwt-we] (plugin) and [agil-mod] (RCP)
- Changed: JWT uses the licence EPL
- Changed: JWT and AgilPro are adapted to Eclipse 3.3
- Changed: File extension changed from '.agilpro' to '.workflow'
- Changed: Added Eclipse/JWT to copyright information
- Changed: Internal actions adapted to Eclipse command/handler interface
- Changed: Menu/Toolbar uses the new org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point
- Changed: Renamed StructuredActivityNode to EmbeddedSubProcess
- Changed: Icons for most menu entries added
- Changed: GuardSpecifications are hidden in Business View
- Changed: Sample processes improved
- Changed: New version of IzPack installer (3.10.2)
- Changed: New main preference page under which plugins may add their own pages
- Bugfix: Some deprecated parts were adapted to fit Eclipse 3.3
- Bugfix: Eclipse 'Open file' menu entry in RCP mode removed
- Bugfix: If an editor is opened, the activity is selected, otherwise the model element
- Bugfix: Fixed shortcuts for menu entries
- Bugfix: Umlaut bug in guard creation
- Bugfix: Rebuilt context menu
- Bugfix: Wrong image size of some icons
- Bugfix: Wizard bug on Mac
- Bugfix: "Location" and "Last modified" at the overview page now work in jwt-we
- Bugfix: Location path is displayed in the OS specific version
- Bugfix: Fixed 'open file' problem with Eclipse 3.3 if path is lies not in workspace
- Bugfix: Removed Override tags that caused problems with some Eclipse versions
- Bugfix: Adapted manifest to fit Eclipse standards
- Bugfix: Many small bugs